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Tell ’em how you really feel, Meg!

Megan Thee Stallion

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It’s a Stallion’s world and we’re just living in it.

Amidst ongoing drama with the release of her album, Rolling Stone reports Megan Thee Stallion is taking control” of her story with her new album, Traumazine. The Grammy-winning rapper pulled no punches on the LP, which took aim at her haters, opened up about personal struggles, and fulfilled her last remaining obligations with her estranged label 1501.

With hard-hitting opener “NDA,” the project marks the long-awaited return of Meg’s rap persona Tina Snow. Fake friends, un(trust)worthy men, and clout-chasing media are all on the chopping block for misrepresenting the platinum-selling rapper.

“I feel like it’s been so easy for people to tell my story for me and speak on my behalf,” the rapper told Apple Music 1 according to Rolling Stone.

“I’m like a nonchalant person, and people be talking about me, and I’d be like, ‘Okay, go with it. Fine. Sure.’ But I see now that it can get out of control. So I feel like I wanted to just take control of my own narrative, take control of my own storytelling and tell it from me.”

During her rise to fame, Meg publicly faced the heartbreaking loss of her mother and grandmother, a shocking shooting, and harassment over bitter legal battles. The 27-year-old bared it all on the new project, featuring as many journal entries as quotable lyrics and club bangers. With that, Megan discussed dropping her most vulnerable project to date.

“Usually, when I write songs, I could be sad, and I’ll write a song like ‘Body,’ or I could be pissed off, and I’ll write a song like, ‘Freak Nasty.’ I don’t write songs about how I feel,” Megan explained to Apple Music 1.

“I write songs about how I want to feel. So I feel like, on this album, it’s probably the first time I figured out how to talk about what I want to say. Like, express myself a little bit more,” she continued.

Estranged Label And Leaks

On Thursday, Megan tweeted that ongoing issues with her record label forced her to rush the rollout. For years, she has had a strained relationship with 1501 Certified Entertainment, for allegedly withholding money she earned and sabotaging new projects. This time Megan revealed that leaks disrupted her plans for Traumazine.

“From my cover art, pieces of my track list and me even hearing a part of a song I haven’t dropped yet leaking (and we ALL know who the only ppl who had access to all these PRIVATE links are..) I might as well…lol,” Megan wrote about beating the leaks.

If the last few years proved anything, it’s that you can’t keep a Hot Girl down. Megan was open about the tension with label owner, Carl Crawford. Instead of dwelling on disappointment, she celebrated that this project would fulfill her remaining obligations to 1501.


Epic Album Roll-Out

Despite rushed release, Traumazine Thee Stallion’s most polished project yet. It is already #1 on Apple Music and Amazon Music. The star-studded album features “Ungrateful” with Key Glock, “Budget” with Latto, and “Scary” with Rico Nasty to name a few. The Texas Southern alum also recruited the star power of Boondocks and Black Dynamite animator for Traumazine’s visualizer.

Meg recently ruled late-night TV and early morning shows to celebrate Traumazine. She took over as Jimmy Fallon’s co-host on “The Tonight Show.” She discussed major moments like following in Queen Latifah’s footsteps with her historic Oscars performance. Can we get a Stallion talk show in the works after this?

Bright and early on Friday morning, Megan rocked a massive crowd with a live performance on “Good Morning America.” She explained that the album name came from the new emotional experience she’s embracing with her fans.

“So usually I could be sad and I can write a song like ‘Body,’ or I could be mad and I can write a song like ‘Big Ole Freak,’ but on this album I wrote my feelings accordingly,” she added. “Like, I was sad and I wrote a sad song, I was angry and I wrote a more aggressive song. I feel like I was really confronting my real feelings,” she said on the Summer Concert Series stage.

What’s your favorite song on Megan Thee Stallion’s new album, Traumazine?


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