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 Jidenna recently took a ride on Teyana Taylor’s Rose Mobile for her Luv2SeeIt Bumble interview series and he got DEEP about what relationships really look like for the Chief.

Bumble Luv2SeeIt

Source: @kvnhrtlss / Bumble/ Luv2SeeIt

As previously reported Bumble’s partnered with Taylor to produce the series where she discusses authentic Black dating stories with friends, strangers, and real Bumble users. And on Teyana’s Jidenna episode, the two artists compared their desires and boundaries surrounding the subject of plural dating. Although Jidenna previously opened up to The Breakfast Club about his poly heartbreak in 2019, he now says he’s learned from that experience and will take a different approach moving forward.

The “Classic Man” who’s now in an exclusively monogamous relationship said his partner understands and accepts his polyamorous nature. He also dished to Teyana on the many options and approaches to the “poly life.”

Bumble Luv2SeeIt

Source: @kvnhrtlss / Bumble/ Luv2SeeIt

“When I started the polyamory thing, I was not like this. I did not know how to talk about what I was going through, and I didn’t know who to talk to, especially in the Black and Brown community. There’s not a lot of us,” he said.

He also discussed how he and his current partner have settled on monogamy (for now) and revealed that they’re not looking to open their relationship to others. 

“Right now, people look at me and [my exclusive partner], and they’re like ‘Wow, y’all are monogamous.’ and I’m like – maybe! But we reserve the right to evolve. Our agreement has license to change; we can change whenever we want.”


Jidenna also discussed an interesting (AND NAKED) ritual that he and other polyamorous people he knows take part in.

“[Most of our] crew does a monthly ritual with [our] partner; we do it on the full moon cycle,” said Jidenna. “So, we have a bunch of candles around us, we might be butt naked, and we’re sitting… and talk about everything that’s been going on that month – so all your grievances, the things that went well, your desires… People are different without clothes on.”

Bumble Luv2SeeIt

Source: @kvnhrtlss / Bumble/ Luv2SeeIt

Teyana Addresses Open Marriage Rumors After Iman Shumpert Threesomes Admission

As for Teyana, she spoke candidly about rumors surrounding her and Iman Shumpert’s alleged “open marriage.” According to the singer, people think that there’s no way that a wife could initiate spicing up her marital sex life—but she’s openly done that by initiating threesomes herself. 

“People be surprised by how the woman initiates a lot of stuff; I’m not poly, but when everybody heard that me and my husband had threesomes before, they were like ‘she’s willing to do that to keep a man,’ but that was all me!” said Taylor.  “I hate the idea [that], people, thinking that it’s always the guy that wants this or that,.”

Teyana later expressed that she is simply “a woman that loves beautiful women” and wishes people would stop assuming that Iman is coercing her. “He’s actually more traditional,” she said of her husband. Teyana’s love for women should be no surprise to anyone. She often performs seductive lap dances on women at her concerts and we all remember her walk on the “Wild Side” with Normani at the 2021 VMA’s.

She also previously divulged that she and her husband invite women into their bedroom on “special occasions” and “vacations” and later shut down rumors that her husband was expecting a child with a woman they mutually hooked up with.


Joey BadA$$ and Bumble User Whippa Wiley Chime In

Later in Teyana’s show, she and Jidenna are joined by rapper/actor Joey Bada$$ who briefly touches on his believed capacity for two wives at some point and wants any potential pursuer to know this ahead of time. If you’re looking for monogamy, Joey BadA$$ is probably not the man for you.   

“For me, I feel like when I’m in a relationship, what makes me happy is feeling like I’m still free,” said Bada$$.



Check out the episode below.



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