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A reality star standout recently dished to BOSSIP about stealing scenes on an Issa Rae-created show.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

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As previously reported the second season of HBO Max’s Sweet life: Los Angeles proved to be even better than the first as it featured deliciously messy shenanigans varying from accusations of “weird” behavior, men scrapping in silk pajamas, potential love interests, shockingly honest revelations, and a memorable Mexico vacation all the while the crew pursued their dreams in the heart of South Los Angeles.

It also featured much more of Myami Woods, the sharp-tongued fireball who caused a ruckus in season one and stood out in the sophomore season for her effortless reads and for bringing her filter-less friend along for the ride.

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

We’ve already dubbed Myami this season’s MVP…


but we recently caught up with the relentless roaster to dish on her buddy Robb [with two Bs], her friendship with Becky, and those Mexico moments that social media can’t stop discussing.

How does it feel to have a breakout season on Sweet Life: Los Angeles?

It feels unreal. I’m at Mastro’s [Steakhouse] in Malibu last night, the waitress comes up to me. She’s like, “Girl, I love you.” I’m like, “Oh my god, you’re watching it too.” So it’s just very interesting to be receiving so much love. I come from a family where our love language is roasting each other, so that’s why I’m so quick with the comebacks because I grew up in that environment. But it’s a lot to take in. I’m loving all of it. And thank you guys for titling me the MVP. I did read the article.

Things started off a bit contentious for you in season one of Sweet Life after we met you in Palm Springs. What was it like filming season two for you?

Season two started off very awkward. I would be lying if I said, “Oh, it was easy. Everybody had open arms.” Everyone still had the same tension. As you’ve seen in season one, people apologize but they still felt some type of way. The apology [to me]was sort of like forced,not for real. And this season, you see me showing my true self and it’s either you f***k with it or you don’t. So that was the approach that I came towards the season with. I’m going to be me. They like it, they like it. If they don’t, then they just don’t. But I’m not going anywhere.

Who was your favorite person to film with this season?

My favorite person was Candiss. I wish you guys would’ve seen our interaction more because Candiss is lit! She likes to have fun.

One thing that stood out this season was the moment when you and Becky buried the hatchet. Things, again, started off a little bit contentious between you two, but you guys were able to resolve your issues. How are you guys today?


Oh, I literally was at Becky’s house a few days ago. I love her, we should’ve been friends from the get-go. That’s why P’Jae invited me to Palm Springs. He knew that I would get along with his group, you know? So yeah. We get along fine now. We laugh about it. We’ll be on TikTok, making funny TikToks about our situation. So it’s fun with her.

In addition to seeing you settling things with Becky, we met your friend Robb with two Bs. Girl, where did this man come from? ‘Cause when he came in, he immediately shook the table and was ready to go. How long have you known Robb and what was your reaction to how he interacted with everyone else?

So Robb and I have been friends for about, I’d say, five years now. He literally just has no filter. He doesn’t care how it makes you feel. It’s just going to come out of his mouth. So I’m over here, shocked with him and I’m laughing ’cause I laugh out of awkwardness. ‘Cause I’m like, “I can’t believe he just said this.” But be aware of Robb. That’s just how he is. I don’t take offense to it. He’s his own person. So if that’s how he’s acting, I’m going to ride for my friend.

Yeah, you definitely rode for him but were there ever moments where you wanted to tell him to pull back?

I wanted to, but I’m not going to check him in front of everybody. I’m going to pull him to the side ’cause that’s my friend. I don’t want to argue in front of people. So I’m going to check people that are coming at him because what you didn’t see on TV is he not only came for Jerrold. I was introducing him to everyone around the table. So he’s like, “Oh, so you the one that did this, and you the one who…” And I’m like, “Robb, this is not how you do an intro…”

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

No filter.

No filter. It was the champagne.

Speaking of that time when you guys were in Mexico, I really liked the moment when you touched on your celibacy journey. And I thought that was big because I felt like some people misread you and misjudged you. Why did you think it was important to share that side of yourself?

I just wanted to share that side of me to show women you can date around and you don’t have to sleep around. I wanted to make sure I let that message be clear because dating is getting to know someone and everyone doesn’t need to know you in every way. I have a lot of people reaching out to me saying, “You’re not celibate,” all of this. So I’m like, “Are you guys giving a coochie cam request?! Y’all want to follow that? Or what’s going on? You want to see everything, clearly.

So speaking of you dating, like you said, you are a dater and there was this moment in Mexico where we saw AQ and Marcus kinda have this contention about Miss Myami. Do you have any regrets about getting in that jacuzzi, with Marcus?

Absolutely not. They got to see another side of their friendship. If one is interested in a woman, the other one may be interested in her as well and he may go after it. So that’s a situation they have to resolve in their friendship and it shed light on that. But Myami was there to have fun. And that’s it, you know? As you’ve seen, when we got to LA, yeah, I had the “Go Marcus” sign on me [during the basketball game]. I’ma root for him at the game, but I got my own situations going on. I was just having fun, we were out of town. There was nobody else in the house. Why not?

I also want to talk about this other moment in Mexico because like you said, you are quick-witted and your family taught you about roasting people. There was this classic moment where you sat down with AQ and he was very disrespectful and you clapped back at him and his “vampire lingerie shirt.”

First of all, where did that comment come from? And secondly,  has he reached out at all to apologize for the way that he acted?


Oh yeah, he immediately apologized the next morning. He was not playing with that. One thing about him, he’s a stand-up dude. He apologized immediately and the next morning, we cooled off. He was like, “Hey, let me talk to you on the side, off camera.” He was genuinely sorry. But the vampire lingerie is just—I call it how I see it. Did I lie?

Sweet Life: Los Angeles

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

You are a lovely lady and I’m sure you have some suitors. Are you dating some new people?

So right now, my options are still open. None of these men scream marriage, so until then, I’m just like everyone’s my friend. I might have a little flirty conversation here or there, but nothing too serious. I’m focused on me and what I want to do with my life right now.

Love it. And what are you trying to do next for your life?

So for my life, I own my own teeth whitening business and I donate a percentage of the proceeds to running water in Africa for the kids and their school systems. So I just want to elevate when it comes to that. I want to have a storefront because right now I use my family’s space in their back house and take clients. Because who the hell want to pay all that extra rent when I got my own rent to pay? I just want to eventually have a chain. The name of my business, it’s called Glisten Guru. So if y’all ever want to come through and get your teeth whitened, let me know.

Lastly, what are some things that you want people to know about you? Maybe we didn’t get it all on the Sweet Life, but what do you want people to really know about Myami, the MVP?


Ooh, that’s a really good question. So I want people to know that I’m not just all this ball of fire. There’s a soft side to me that you guys didn’t really get a chance to see. There’s a business side to me. But there’s also a humanitarian side to me, even though I be going in on people. I have a soft spot for kids. I love kids. I love the innocence that comes with them. So you don’t get to see my innocent side. You just see sexy, fiery. Which is okay, but there’s more to me. I’m very multifaceted. And hopefully, you guys get to see that in the future.

And if we want to keep up with multifaceted Myami, where can we follow you?

You can follow me on every social media platform under @atourofmyami.




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