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During a recent live stream, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband spoke about the TV icon’s current condition and shed some tears.

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Kevin Hunter went live on Instagram on September 17 and spoke about his ex-wife whose been public about her battles with graves disease and lymphedema. As previously reported things took a turn for the worse in September when Williams was admitted into a treatment facility for her “overall” health issues.

Now her former husband’s letting fans in on her condition.

Kevin Hunter Says Wendy Williams Is Getting Help, Host Inspired Him To Kick A Marijuana Addiction

While on IG Live, Kevin spoke out on Wendy despite their very messy and very public relationship issues, and when he was asked by a viewer about the state of her condition, he said;

She is getting the help that she needs. And hopefully, you know, she’ll come out of this swinging. I know she’s got it in her.”

Although he didn’t expound on what exactly Wendy was being treated for, he did open up about his health and how Wendy’s struggles prompted him to make better decisions for himself, including breaking his addiction to marijuana.

Later in his Live, Hunter, 51, shed tears while reflecting on the legacy he built with the TV titan despite the challenges and “exploitation” that followed.

In a controversial move, he also gave a shoutout to his current wife Sharina Hudson, the woman who was outed as the multiyear mistress in his marriage. Wendy previously blasted Hudson for welcoming a child with Hunter in 2019 while they were still married, but Hunter thinks his longtime love deserves credit for supporting him AND for being a part of the Wendy Williams show “village.”

“I could not do it without the greatest help of my queen, that’s representing me now. Everybody’s family and I realized that I had to swing the sword for my whole family because there are a lot of people that are trying to exploit what I have built along with my family,” said an emotional and crying Hunter.

“I’m not going to let nobody take away from me what is mine, and I need to be very focused on the fight that is in front of me.”


He added,

“I’m going to say this with pride and passion- nobody, and I mean nobody, will ever bring the energy, the charisma, the passion, the expertise, the talent, and whatever else you want to call it that you’ve seen with Kevin Hunter and my ex, Wendy Williams, and the team that was behind us and I mean the whole team.

“That includes my current lady now because it takes a village and I’m going to say it. Yeah, I said it. Whoever doesn’t like it, they just aren’t going to like it, and I’m going to say it again.”



Kevin Hunter’s Live comes amid a source close to Wendy telling TheJasmineBRAND that she’s on the up and up at a treatment facility.

“She is still at the facility,” the source told the outlet. “She has not left, but she is doing very well.”

The source went on to say “I can tell you that she’s getting much better. She’s gotten much better and she’s stronger. She’s more understandable and intelligible than she was.”.


This is great news for fans of the media icon. Hopefully, Wendy will return refreshed and better than ever so she can kick off her podcast.


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