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Miami Tip (formerly known as “Tip Drill”) rose to fame in the Miami scene where she shined on the south beach strip before transitioning to music. She also made headlines after falling 30 feet from a stripper pole in 2012 but she recovered and went on to do reality TV via Love & Hip-Hop: Miami.

With dancing in the rearview mirror, the author, reality star, manager, and mom is focused on promoting her new book “The Bottom Line“–an anthology of stories told through the eyes of women working in the nightlife scene.

Check out the promo video below and Tip’s official statement below.

My purpose behind writing this book was to let everyone know the depths of the dancing lifestyle,” she writes. “It’s so much deeper than all the glitz, glamour, and money that everyone sees. Dancers are powerful human beings. I say that because it takes an influential person to be able to go into an establishment every night and show every nook and cranny of the temple of their body. However, there is a reason behind every dancer’s decision to dance.

For some women, it’s a way to feed their family, and, for others, it’s a way to get attention that she may not have gotten from her family. Dancers are praised so much, and, in a certain way, they should be primarily for the strength to get this money and find a way. Dancers are also looked down upon and talked about by others (and each other) when, in fact, you don’t know what each dancer has been through. You must have been through something in your life if you can dance and get naked for millions of men (while dealing with the ones you don’t like or the fat, nasty ones trying to touch on you).

Each story in this book has a part of me in it. I wrote this book because I want people to know that dancers are also human. We have feelings. Each dancer has gone through something in their life that has caused them to be on the road they are on. No one wakes up and says ‘”I want to be a stripper when I grow up.” Still, sometimes, God has a journey for you to take and learn from, and it’s up to you to take and learn from the lesson to get that message. I hope everyone who reads this book understands and enjoys it.

Check out an excerpt below:

“I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my money for love but I was willing to sacrifice my love for money. It was the game I had decided to step into when I started dealing with two ballers who both wanted to shower me. I decided to continue being with both of them, living in two homes and giving them both the illusion that they were the only ones who had me.

I didn’t mind. I looked at it like dancing, I was there to create a fantasy and when it was all over, I got what I wanted and they got what they wanted. I checked my phone and replied to Hakeem’s message as Smitty started to snore. “I miss you too, baby. See you soon!” I wrapped my arm around Smitty’s waist and laid my head on his chest. If I got caught, I would deal with the ramifications then…”

Earlier this year, Tip received her flowers from Joseline Hernandez who crowned her, Jessica Dime, and Gigi Maguire as the baddest to ever swing on the pole during the ‘White Knight’ episode of ‘P-Valley.’

“It felt good to be recognized for my contribution to the adult entertainment world on such a big platform,” she said. “That was cool [to be] given my flowers while I’m here.”

For more info about ‘The Bottom Line,’ click here.


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