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Two Real Housewives of Potomac who had a sisterly friendship are butting heads amid allegations that a husband made one of them “feel uncomfortable” and one of them is playing absolutely NO games. “Michael Darby is available for that, the a**-grabbing motherf***r that likes to actually make people uncomfortable, he’s available for that NOT my husband!” said one of the particularly peeved Bravo stars.

On Sunday’s episode of #RHOP, viewers saw Candiace Dillard and Gizelle Bryant having a chat after a dance class.

Candaice Vs. Gizelle: The Real Housewives of Potomac

Source: Bravo / The Real Housewives of Potomac

While things started off light with Candiace wondering “what she did now”, Gizelle decided to tell her friend about a time when the “Deep Space” singer’s husband Chris Bassett made her feel “completely uncomfortable.”

Candiace and Chris

Source: Shannon Finney / Bravo

Her revelation came after Ashley Darby told Candiace that Chris DM’ed her at 2. a.m. about coming to the W [hotel]. Candiace and Ashley came to an understanding and agreed that he just wanted “cool people” to come to the hotel where he runs the rooftop and works as a chef.

Despite that, Gizelle felt emboldened by Ashley’s Chris mention, so much so, that she decided to detail an “incident” with him that left her feeling “uncomfortable.”

“First Chris is sliding into Ashley’s DMs and then what happened at the reunion did not make me feel good,” Gizelle told #RHOP cameras. “If Chris is making women feel uncomfortable Candiace needs to know, she needs to nip this in the bud.”


Gizelle Bryant Tells Candiace Dillard About A Time When Chris Bassett Made Her “Uncomfortable”

While talking to Candiace, the housewife explained that five months ago during the #RHOP reunion, Chris asked to speak to her in her dressing room alone.

“In light of Chris had DM’ed Ashley, there was a situation in which Chris made me feel completely uncomfortable and I feel like at this point I should tell you,” said Gizelle.

According to Gizelle, Chris asked to speak to her in her room and she agreed, but she didn’t realize that her “glam” [hair and makeup team] was gone.

“I get to my room and my glam was gone,” said Gizelle. “I immediately felt like I don’t wanna be in this situation.”

“Did he do something? Did he say something?” asked Candiace while Gizelle admitted that he didn’t do or say anything inappropriate in particular. “Right, because he wouldn’t do that,” said Candiace.

“It was late, it was a long day, I can’t rememebr exactly what he said, but I don’t ever want to be in a bedroom with a married man,” said Gizelle while noting that Chris was well aware that they would be alone together.

That immediately made Candiace go on the defense and she laid into Gizelle for trying to malign her husband’s good name.

“So this is a thing, we’re doing—Chris is being attacked—,” said Candiace. “Chris thinks of you and Robyn, and Ashley as friends, Chris really looks at you all like sisters,” she added while ticking off a number of the gentleman-like things he’s done [and would do] for the ladies.

Candiace then looked directly into the camera and wondered “What are we doing? What is this?” before calling for a producer named Eric.

“I don’t need the camera, I need to talk to Eric,” said an outraged Candiace while accusing the show of trying to ruin her husband’s reputation.

“Michael Darby is available for that, the a**-grabbing motherf***r that likes to actually make people uncomfortable, he’s available for that NOT my husband!” said Candiace.


BLOOP! Things will escalate further from this moment and it’s clear that there’s still bad blood between Candiace and Gizelle.

Candiace recently told The Daily Beast that she’s witnessed Gizelle flirt with Chris [not the other way around], so she’s surprised that the fellow housewife is making it a storyline.

“Well, it was obviously a very hurtful time and shock to myself and Chris, given that Gizelle has been around myself and my husband, in many different scenarios, in our homes, in private spaces,” said Candiace. […] “And Gizelle has been very flirtatious with my husband in front of me on more than one occasion. And it was never something that was a bother to me. I just viewed it as musings of a lonely 50-year-old woman who needed somewhere to put her excess flirtatious energy. And Chris took it the same way. So for this to now be her storyline—and I am saying it just like that—for this to be the storyline that she chooses to run with this year, it’s tired.

My question to her would be, when is it going to be enough?” she added.  “When are you just going to bring yourself to a season of the show versus projecting and creating drama that doesn’t exist with other people’s families and other people’s husbands? It’s predictable at this point.”

If you can recall, last season Gizelle got eviscerated by Dr. Wendy Osefo for repeating a rumor about her husband, Eddie. According to Chris Bassett himself, it’s “his turn” now after six seasons.

What do YOU think about Gizelle’s “uncomfortable” Chris Bassett claims?

It’s clear that Candiace is not letting Gizelle off the hook for any of her comments this season.

What do YOU think will happen next between Candiace Dillard and Gizelle Bryant on #RHOP?



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