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On Sunday’s episode of #RHOP, a mother-in-law wondered if her daughter’s hubby was a “house husband”/”coattail rider” and the person in question is issuing a response.

As previously reported while Candiace Dillard was filming her “Drive Back” music video, her mom Ms. Dorothy made some questionable comments about Candy’s hubby Chris Bassett.

Chris Bassett x Candiace Dillard

Source: Heidi Gutman / Bravo


While chatting with Candiace’s fellow Real Housewife of Potomac Mia Thornton, Ms. Dorothy dubbed Candiace’s husband, who manages her singing career and is a chef, a “house husband.” She also nodded in agreement with Gizelle Bryant who wondered if Chris was “riding Candiace’s coattails.”

“I don’t know what’s going on with that, he was that the house when I left, he was still there,” said Ms. Dorothy on the set of Candiace’s music video shoot. “I don’t think that’s a good idea for a husband to try to be a mangar, it doesn’t work out right.


I didn’t expect him to quit his job after she got married and be a house husband,” Dorothy added.

Mmmm hmmm. Not shady at all, right?

Well, the alleged “house husband” is none too pleased with the shade and he’s issuing a response.

According to Chris, he was blindsided by his mother-in-law’s comment that he wants to “move up” and “refine himself” considering that they’ve never talked about finances.

He’s also apparently so peeved that he’s throwing up his hands completely.

“At this point….it’s really F*** everybody,” he added.

As for Chris’ wife, she recently laid into Mia Thornton for even bringing up her hubby to Ms. Dorothy.

Candiace, who previously called Mia “handsome” on Twitter, added on the #RHOP aftershow that Mia’s “wide-hipped a**” should mind her business.

“You were plucked off the curb looking for a man to pay your bills,” said Candiace on the aftershow. “Worry about that! He gave you a business to go and play Monopoly with, worry about that. Don’t worry about that, you’re playing with my business, you’re playing with my dreams, you’re playing with my accomplishments.”

She also detailed while her mother might be hesitant to accept Chris’ new leadership role in her life.


“It’s obvious that my mom is not a fan of Chris being this involved in my career,” added Candiace noting that her mom was a “Kris Jenner-style” momager prior to Chris taking over. “She kind of was starting to feel like she was losing her place. […] We’re working on it we’re going to get to a place where the two support systems can coexist and hopefully I will still have all of my edges at the end of that journey.”




What do YOU think about the Chris Bassett “house husband” shade?


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