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“This isn’t best friends at first sight…”


A Married At First Sight couple is mulling over Decision Day and BOSSIP’s giving you an exclusive look at their conversation that includes talk of initiating intimacy and some surprising advice from a mom about “being more freaky.”

Married At First Sight

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

Married At First Sight

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

During tonight’s episode of #MAFS airing at 8/7 c on Lifetime, viewers will see Justin and Alexis talk about meeting with the experts in less than a week to decide whether or not they’ll stay married or get a divorce.

Justin And Alexis

Source: Mallory Kessel / Kinetic Content

The couple is currently in a positive place despite previous ups and downs that included a pet dog attack, a clash in front of the other couples, and looming doubts about their partnership despite Justin breaking his celibacy.

Last week Justin thought Alexis was 100% sure about saying “yes” on Decision Day but when she said she was unsure, that raised red flags for him.

Now the nervous husband who gave up his dog for his bride is having dinner with her and he’s hearing yet another shocking thing from his spouse.

Married At First Sight Season 15 Exclusive Clip

In an exclusive clip, we see Justin and Alexis having a romantic evening that’s marred by doubts on both sides.

Justin admits that he’s been “in his head” when it comes to their marriage and it’s something he’s been trying to work on. This prompts Alexis to admit that that’s been one of her biggest hangups about him.

Married At First Sight

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

“I think it’s perfect timing because I was worried at one point that you would never come to that conclusion,” says Alexis. “But now that you’re coming out and saying this, I’m not only proud but it’s making me decrease that 10 [percent of doubt] because that was a big part of it.”

She also added that she wants to create a “safer space” for Justin and “honor him” before asking him about his needs in their marriage.

According to Justin, he wants to feel “desired” by his wife and he lets her in on some insight he got from his mom about their bedroom behavior.

“You know how you wanted me to be dominant in the bedroom?” asks Justin. “Sometimes I want the roles to switch, not saying you dominate me, but sometimes like initiating when it comes to intimacy. […] It’s not something you have to do all the time because when it comes to that, I can step outside my comfort zone and in my mama’s eyes ‘be more freaky.’”

“Oh, so that’s what mama said?” asks Alexis while Justin details the uncomfy convo to his laughing wife.

Thanks for that advice, mom!

Despite the lighthearted moment, Alexis gets serious and tells her husband that she still has doubts and wonders if they should move on from their coupling and just be buddies.

Married At First Sight

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

“I still have my doubts,” admits Alexis. “If we were to stay together it would more so focus on consistency stabilization, foundation—understanding each other but this isn’t Best Friends At First Sight, this is Married At First Sight.”

She continues,

“Either way I think you’re a great person and maybe we might be better off as friends, who knows?”

OOOF! Talk about timing, Alexis.

Take an exclusive look below.


Viewers will not only see more of this moment between Justin and Alexis, but they’ll also see Nate and Stacia having a clash about “going through the motions.”


A new episode of Married at First Sight airs TONIGHT Wednesday, October 19, at 8/7 c on Lifetime!



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