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The moment “Married At First Sight” fans anticipated all season finally happened, and tears were shed and some shade was thrown. During #MAFS’ Decision Day, each couple sat down in front of the experts and shared whether or not they wanted to remain married or get divorced.

Decision Day proved to be shocking for a NUMBER of reasons starting with two couples in particular.

Olajuwon and Katina, Michael and Jasmina

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Jasmina And Michael’s “Married At First Sight” Decision Day Results

After a tumultuous time as husband and wife, Jasmina and Michael had to announce whether or not they wanted to stay married.

Married At First Sight Decision Day

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“We have come a long way,” said Jasmina on Decision Day. “I didn’t think that, in the last month of our marriage, I would even want to be around you. But, at the end of the day, I feel like there’s just so much — I feel like — I don’t know you enough,”  she added. 

Although that surely sounds like a “no”, it was actually a “yes” because the bride wanted more time to get to know her groom.

“So you know, I want to get to know you more and stay married,” said Jasmina.

Michael also confirmed that he wanted to continue their marriage and noted that while he’s terrified that they “might not get there” romantically, he wasn’t ready to walk away.

“I feel like if we remove all the cameras, remove all the extraneous that this situation puts us in … this would probably be further along. … Yes, I want to stay married to you,” said Michael.

Interestingly, however, the couple also agreed to live separately and go through things “day by day” without the cameras.

Hmmm, we’ll have to wait and see if they make it without living together considering that Jasmina had hangups about them living together before—but #MAFS fans are hopeful. For now…

Olajuwon And Katina’s “Married At First Sight” Decision Day Results

Olajuwon and Katina’s Decision Day was a rollercoaster ride. While recapping his time being married to Katina, Olajauwon ONCE AGAIN brought up his cooking and cleaning demands.

Married At First Sight Decision Day

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

Olajuwon admitted that Katina’s subpar cooking skills are “a big sacrifice” for him because he realized that he’s “more traditional.” He also flat-out called Katina’s cooking “inedible” and said if it hurts people’s feelings it “is what it is.”

But despite that, the chauvinistic wastewater treater tearfully revealed that Decision Day was his late father’s birthday and he thought his father brought Katina into his life—even though she “doesn’t have anything.”

“When I came into this marriage, I asked for a woman who’s more established in life,” said Olajuwon. “And those are the reasons why I would say no today. But I will say this: I love our chemistry. I love who you are as a person. I love to be around you — and your effort is what made me overlook all those things.”

“My dad used to always tell me, ‘You don’t always need to know what’s next for you. Sometimes you need to live in the moment and enjoy the people around you,'” he added. “I said this before I got married: I think my dad made me go through this process and he has chosen the woman for me.”

“I would rather be with a girl who doesn’t have anthing who tries to have everything than have somebody who has everything who doesn’t show any effort.”

***DEEP SIGH*****

Olajuwon’s answer came after Katina already said “yes” and added that their marriage needs “more time than just the eight weeks.”



Needless to say, viewers were none too pleased to hear Olajuwon shade his wife while saying “yes” to her on Wednesday’s episode.

Olajuwon and Katina later confirmed that they consummated their marriage after Decision Day.

“It was well worth the wait!” said Katina.

Best wishes to these two, especially Katina.

Steve and Noi and Lindsey and Mark’s “Married At First Sight” Decision Day Results

Surprisingly, Jasmina and Michael and Katina and Olajuwon and Katina weren’t alone in wanting to remain married.

Steve and Noi decided to stay together despite Noi’s nagging about his employment status and Steve later sealed the moment with a shiny new ring for his bride. He initially faked her out with a ring pop, something the quirky couple used as a prop when they first tied the knot.

Married At First Sight Decision Day

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

Married At First Sight Decision Day

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

The bling brought Noi to tears.

Married At First Sight Decision Day

Source: Married At First Sight / Kinetic Content

And very, very shockingly—Mark The Shark and Lindsey also both said “yes” despite their turbulent marriage and despite Lindsay’s hang-ups about Mark’s time on social media.

“I’ve thought about it long and hard,” said Lindsay while pulling out a button. “You may not be what I envisioned as far as adventure and food palette but I feel that you are genuinely good and kind.”

She then pressed the button that said, “yes, yes, yes, yes!”

The shocking four-for-four reveal made waves on social media from fans who couldn’t believe that ALL the remaining couples decided to stay together.

The moment also meant that the only couple from “Married At First sight” season 14 that split was Chris and Alyssa who parted ways after their honeymoon.

Chris And Alyssa Reappear On #MAFS

Speaking of Chris and Alyaa, the two actually made an appearance during last night’s episode when they met up with the remaining couples and Chris confirmed that he was back on the dating scene.

Are YOU shocked about what happened during “Married At First Sight’s” Decision Day? Did you predict that FOUR couples would stay together?


“Married at First Sight” Season 14 produced by Kinetic Content airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime—and next week is the reunion!


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