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Warnock Election Night party

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

Rev. Senator Raphael Warnock put the state of Georgia and the Democratic party on pins and needles last night before it was finally announced that he had defeated his Republican opponent Herschel Walker. The runoff election was triggered because neither Warnock nor Walker gained 50% of the total vote in the peach state thanks to a nobody 3rd party candidate who siphoned off 2% of the ballots. By state law, a runoff is required when neither majority candidate gets 50%.

For many, it was appalling that someone like Walker with no credentials, little moral standing, and even less aptitude could run such a close race with a well-known, well-like, pillar of the community like Rev. Warnock but that’s where we are in American politics in 2022 post-Donald Trump.


The excitement for Warnock’s re-election was sky-high as his supporters filled the ballroom of the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta to hear the Senator’s hopeful and spiritual victory speech.

Raphael Warnock runoff celebration

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It goes without saying that the other side wasn’t as jubilant as the Warnock crowd…

Georgia Republican Senate Candidate Herschel Walker Holds Runoff Election Night Event

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Loser Walker took the podium to give a concession speech, however, at no point during the speech did he thank the werewolves, vampires, zombies, or witches and we find that pretty disrespectful considering how much each of those groups did for his campaign.


Looks like Georgia is in good hands for the next six years when it comes to the Senate. Now, on to 2024 where the state will have to handle its’ business again to keep either Ron DeSantis or Donald Trump out of office.


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