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Footage has surfaced of the altercation that led to Odell Beckham Jr. being kicked off a flight from Miami for allegedly refusing to follow orders.

Back in November, Odell Beckham Jr. was on a nationwide tour visiting teams that potentially could sign him. After tearing his ACL during the Super Bowl and helping the Rams bring home a championship, he was ready for a new home. At one point during his travels, Odell found himself in Miami, Florida but while leaving, he caused quite a scene thanks to the flight attendants on his flight to Los Angeles.

Attendants claimed Odell wouldn’t wake up and put on his seatbelt, so they called the airport police. Eventually, the entire flight had to be deplaned and second-hand sources revealed info about what allegedly went down.

Footage Of Odell Beckham Jr. Being Kicked Off Miami Flight Surfaces, Shows Confrontation With Fellow Passengers.

Later, Odell Beckham Jr. joined Mav Carter on The Shop during Thursday Night Football and he didn’t shy away from speaking on the incident.

“They woke me up to tell me that they couldn’t wake me up,” Beckham told Maverick Carter and co.

“They said I was unconscious and unruly or whatever words that they used. And I’m like If that’s the case, why is there six police officers surrounding me and not six paramedics or EMTs? It just was crazy, it was something that, it is what it is. I learned my lesson — put my seatbelt on before you fall asleep.”

Now despite OBJ possibly thinking he’s put the situation behind him, police body camera footage has surfaced. The video shows the confusion that ensued on the plane including a moment when flight attendants claimed he wasn’t wearing any pants which turned out to be false. Odell might have refused to get off in retaliation for the flight crew’s actions. Eventually, authorities decided to make everyone get off the plane because of Odell.

The most shocking part of the footage shows a confrontation between OBJ and a fellow passenger. OBJ makes fun of the man’s weight and shows no remorse for the commotion caused.

“You’re everything wrong with the world,” says Beckham in the bodycam footage. “Looking at me to get off a plane, for you. I would never. Ever in my life get off the plane for you. Specifically you. Maybe everybody else, I would get off the plane.”

You gon’ wait 40 minutes and I’m going to be on a private plane home. Yeah, with your fat a**. Get your ass off the plane for a second.”

“Enjoy the cheese board on the way home with your ugly a**,” he added.

At one point, he makes sure everyone knows he will be flying private while they may have to rebook or arrive late to their destination.

You can watch the full body camera footage below.


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