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Somebody call, Karen!

A Real Housewife of Potomac is trending after she admitted that she knew about a recent transgression in her relationship, despite denying it in a recent episode.

Robyn Dixon x Juan Dixon

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On Monday, Robyn Dixon made a revelation about her hubby Juan Dixon who was heard on the Bravo show ranting against allegations that he was spotted with a “blonde in Georgetown.” The accusation was made by the Grand Dame Karen Huger who said that Robyn knew Juan was seeing a mystery woman who lives in Montgomery County and is “beautiful, natural, matured” and looks like her.

Robyn denied knowing about the alleged side chick and called Juan who exploded in anger while saying, “Karen don’t know me! You know me, I don’t go out! I’m nowhere in f***ing DC!”

Despite Juan’s denial, a TikToker later posted claims from a woman who showed Juan’s name and information on a hotel room receipt as “proof” that he was unfaithful. The woman alleged that the cheating happened during the pandemic.


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♬ The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (Main Theme) – I Love TV Themes

Fast forward to this week, and it looks like where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Robyn Dixon Admits To Knowing About Juan Dixon’s Mystery Woman

Robyn took to her “Reasonably Shady” podcast which she cohosts with Gizelle Bryant to admit that during COVID, a woman contacted her about Juan. The Bravolebrity said she figured a fellow housewife would bring it up on the show and she braced herself for the moment.  She went on to note however that Juan and the woman did not date and only had an emotional affair.

Reasonably Shady Live

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“A young lady came forward and said she and Juan dated during Covid and she showed this hotel receipt with his name on it. What I wanna say [is] first of all—I was aware of the situation before we filmed season 7,” said Robyn.

“Because this one young lady was so pressed to tell me and tell you, Gizelle, I assumed she told the whole cast. So all of the season I’m just waiting on somebody to bring it up–that’s our life. I’m just ready for it, I’m waiting for it.”

She continued,

“When we’re in Mexico and Ashely says Karen was as talking about us—I’m like, this is it! And [then] she talks about him holding hands with a blonde in Georgetown that looks like Karen. I’m like, ‘okay, this is ridiculous.!’ It was kind of comical to me, however, I was already aware of the situation and I expected to talk about it in season 7.”

Robyn, who recently wed Juan which will be shown during the RHOP finale, said that she and her husband “worked through it” and denied that everything Karen said was completely accurate. She stopped short of revealing the full story however and said she would detail what happened on her Patreon for her subscribers.

“There are a lot of things that need to be cleared up about what’s beings said,” said Robyn who alleged the woman was trying to bribe Juan in an effort to become famous. “Yes, Juan was an idiot and communicated with this woman on Instagram. However, they did not date, he did not fly her anywhere and there is a reason why his name is on a hotel receipt which I will share on Patreon.”

“We dealt with the situation, it was definitely something we had to work through relationship-wise, maybe that’s why the wedding didn’t happen when y’all wanted it to,” she added.

#RHOP watchers have since summarized what Robyn said on her Patreon and according to them, the housewife said that the hotel receipt was a mixup and Juan paid for it because the woman “lost her wallet.”

As you can imagine #RHOP watchers and even the #RHOP cast is up in arms about the big secret; hit the flip for their reactions.

Chris Bassett, the husband of Candiace Dillard, took offense to Robyn charging people on Patreon for the truth considering that he faced false allegations throughout the season. He also blasted  Robyn’s friends Ashley Darby and Gizelle Bryant for keeping their friend’s secret.

Dr. Wendy Osefo and (of course) Karen Huger shared similar comments…

and super producer Carlos King who previously worked on the Real Housewives of Atlanta weighed in.

Some #RHOP watchers think Robyn should be fired or demoted, and others are just simply disappointed.

Chris’ wife Candiace Dillard also weighed in and went on a rant about housewives “burying the lede” while spreading false stories. Candiace was referencing Robyn’s friend Gizelle Bryant ignoring the Juan story but alleging that Chris Bassett made her uncomfortable.

“It’s wack,” said Candiace.


As for Robyn, she’s seemingly unbothered and posted a snarky comment in her InstaStory.

What do YOU think about Robyn Dixon admitting to knowing about Juan’s “communication” with another woman?

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