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Halle and DDG split?? Not so fast…

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Social media is ablaze over DDG seemingly shading star girlfriend Halle Bailey and unfollowing her on Instagram in what appears to be a hissy fit that sparked breakup rumors across the internet.

Fans wasted no time jumping to conclusions after noticing that DDG unfollowed Halle on IG and scrubbed her photos from his page before firing off a cryptic tweet that many believe was aimed at the unproblematic singer.

“all these girls the same [crying emoji] ain’t no way,” he wrote, stirring up speculation that she cheated on him.

Bailey’s older sister Ski Bailey entered the chat to check DDG for insinuating that her superstar sis wronged him in some way.

She later walked back her comments but the breakup rumors had already spilled onto social media.

In a messy twist, industry insiders pointed to a picture Bailey took with emerging rapper RJAE at the Roc Nation brunch that possibly set off DDG.

At this point, DDG should be confident in his relationship with The Little Mermaid star who we doubt was moving foul at the buzzy bunch with cameras everywhere.

It’s also impossible for us to imagine Halle doing anyone dirty, especially after her super sweet birthday message to DDG back in October.

The short video began with their special handshake before showing them snuggled up together at Coachella, before a night out, on the couch, and Halle just admiring him driving his whip and snuggling up with her cat.

“happy happy birthday @ddg ♥️love you forever,” she said in the message.

DDG affectionately responded, “I love you more” with an emoji and a series of hearts.

Fast-forward to a few hours ago when DDG hopped back on Twitter to fire off another tweet about the internet being gullible.

He’s since shut down cheating rumors while advising people not to take his tweets too seriously. The YouTuber’s also laughing off people calling him corny while seemingly admitting that he was trolling.


Despite DDG admitting that he was attention-seeking, we’ve yet to hear a peep from Halle and probably won’t.

Do you think Halle and DDG really split? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over Halle and DDG’s maybe-breakup on the flip.

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