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Initially, Ke Ke Palmer didn’t believe she was pregnant, until her boo Darius Jackson called her with the shocking news.

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On Tuesday, the former child star shared the humorous tale on her podcast, Baby This Is Keke Palmer.

The Nope star’s mom joined via Zoom as she shared the story.

“It’s so funny because how I found out was actually Darius,” she recalled. “Randomly I was just feeling to myself, maybe I could be pregnant. Like the period thing didn’t even happen yet. Maybe this is the time.”

She continued, “So I took the test and it came back negative … I didn’t have the lines on there, so I just threw it in the trash.”

So, the 29 year old carried on business as usual and attended a “casual work dinner”. In the midst of throwing back saké, she receives a text from Jackson inquiring about when she took the test. He accompanied the message with a photo of the positive test results.

Excitedly Palmer professed, “I didn’t wait long enough! And I’m like, ‘I took that earlier today, like literally just some hours before I left out.’

She revealed Jackson then said, ‘Well, you better get to be drinking water in your sight. Cause I’m buying 10 of these things right now. You take them all when you get home.’

The NAACP award winner says she took all 10 consecutive tests and the results were all the same. Positive!

That’s when Jackson interjected to share his version of the story to “set the record straight”.

“I was not digging in the trash can… the cleaning lady, she just emptied out the trash. So, when I went to the bathroom, I only just see one item inside the trash and it was the pregnancy test,” he disclosed. “Then I just see the line and it was not even faint. It was actually a very thin line, solid straight.”

He described the surreal moment of buying 10 pregnancy tests like a scene from a “rom-com movie”.

“We had them lined up. I had like, two, three bottles of water ready for Keke when she came back, drinking a bunch of water,” Jackson shared. “And then during the next two hours, [the tests] just kept [being] positive, positive, positive, positive.”

Twitter hilariously reacted to how Keke learned of her bun in the oven.

One user posted a funny GIF from an SNL sketch.

Another user posted a GIF in response of the baby reaction to mommy downing the alcoholic beverage.

@TheCindyNoir thinks regardless of a woman’s age, their pregnancy always seems premature.

“Keke Palmer being pregnant has altered my perception of time fr. I’m really at that age where pregnancy is more of a celebration than an “oh shit” kinda thing. I still view Women getting pregnant at our age as teen pregnancy.”

The brown skin beauty announced she was with child as she made her debut as the host of Saturday Night Live.

“There’s some rumors going around, people have been in my comments saying, ‘Keke’s having a baby, Keke’s pregnant,’ and I wanna set the record straight — I am!” She then dramatically swung open her jacket revealing her baby-filled belly.

“I gotta say, though, it is bad when people on the internet spread rumors about you y’all, but it’s even worse when they’re correct. I mean, like, I was trying so hard to keep it on the down low, cause I got a lot of stuff going on, you know?” she kidded.

She concluded with,”But honestly this has been the biggest blessing, and I am so excited. Guys, I’m going to be a mom.”

We must admit that motherhood glow looks radiant on our cousin KeKe.


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