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Shannon Sharpe and Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo discuss how Sharpe mended his relationship with Skip Bayless after recent on-air flare-ups.

UNDISPUTED on FOX is one of the most standout sports shows on TV. Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless are entertaining and always raw in their debates. Sometimes that same thing that makes us watch can cause dysfunction in the workplace. Since last December both personalities have had flare-ups on air that went totally off-script. The noticeable rift started when Skip took the opportunity to bash Shannon while defending Tom Brady. Tempers flared and after it was apparent the two were trying to be cordial. A few days after Damar Hamlin suffered a medical incident during the playoffs, the host had a heated exchange on air, again. Now things seem to have calmed down and common ground has been found.

Shannon Sharpe Reveals He Mended His Damaged Relationship With Skip Bayless

Shannon Sharpe recently dropped by Mad Dog Sports Radio and opened up about the two months of tension between him and Skip Bayless. Sharpe revealed the pair have patched things up after he initiated a conversation.

“A lot of times Mad Dog (Chris Russo) people look at things like you can have 15 great years and somebody have a bad moment and they are willing to throw all of that away. Those 2 months that Skip and I, we disagreed a lot, sometimes I think things went over the line. I didn’t want that, and so I appreciate everything Skip had done for me. Bringing me there, giving me an opportunity to show that I was more than a football player. I could talk about more in the sports world than just football. So, I wasn’t willing to throw that away. Skip and I just needed to go into a room and talk and calmer heads prevailed.”

“The thing that I conveyed to Skip is that look we can disagree but I want the color between the lines. I don’t want the disagreements to go outside of the lines.” When asked if things did go outside the lines, Sharpe added, “Yeah, it did. I think everybody thought that.”

While we all love the on-air drama when it gets too personal it can reach a point of no return. Luckily Shannon and Skip made peace and Lil Wayne didn’t have to mediate.



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