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After Angela Yee left The Breakfast Club, some comments she made about her time on the show ended up going viral. And now, it’s created some friction between two third parties: Porsha Williams and Tamron Hall.


Porsha Williams x Tamron Hall

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It all started when the former Breakfast Club host appeared on The Tamron Hall Show, where she discussed her departure from the radio show. At the time, Hall asked Yee about being the only female voice on the radio show, which led to some controversial comments.

“I was the only woman who worked there too. I mean when it came to producers, camera people, and it wasn’t an easy room for me to be in,” Angela Yee told Hall. “I feel like I did need more backup because even things that I felt, as a woman – if somebody can’t understand your point of view because they’re not coming from where you come from. So that was hard for me too, to be the only woman there.”

Fellow Breakfast Club host DJ Envy ended up responding to Angela Yee’s comments on social media, taking to Instagram to write: “That’s just not true… There are plenty of women that work behind the scenes on [The Breakfast Club].”

The Breakfast Club went on to cover Angela Yee’s sitdown with The Tamron Hall Show during their “Rumor Report” segment on Monday. During that segment, guest host Porsha Williams shared her take on the whole situation.

“When we talk about women being in the room and power women having a seat at the table, you have to talk about what that means to the people in the front. The people in the front, those are our back people, the people who hold us up,” the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star said.

She continued, “That’s where [Angela Yee] let down the entire Breakfast Club. If she probably had a chance, instead of talking to Tamron, she would’ve been able to expound on that. But when you have someone like a Tamron talking to you and she’s giving you accolades and raising you up to do nothing but set you up to say something that’s gonna be catchy and she can look like a journalist, then that’s when you find Angela in this place trending for the wrong thing.”

Porsha went on to suggest that Tamron Hall looks for “hidden mess” from her guests while conducting her interviews.

“It’s a hidden mess,” Williams said when Charlamagne tha God asked if Tamron Hall has leaned into being “messy” in order to replace The Wendy Williams Show.

“I went on Tamron’s show and I was so excited. She’s a beautiful Black woman who branched off and got her own show. I did not necessarily feel supported on her show,” Porsha said. “I didn’t expect her to agree with everything. But there was a turn where it turned just from her asking questions about the book to her kinda almost attacking me, almost making me feel like I had to justify anything I had going on. It just didn’t feel good.”

In case you missed it, when Porsha was on Tamron Hall in December 2021, the journalist had tough questions for her about her engagement to Simon Guobadia. Porsha confirmed that they had yet to set a wedding date yet because the businessman was still “courting and dating her” throughout their engagement, something Tamron Hall questioned her about.

Tamron: “When is the wedding?”

Porsha: “We haven’t set our date, we are dating right now. He’s still courting me. You know in the south there’s a courtship…”

Tamron: “How are you engaged and dating?”

Porsha: “You don’t date your husband?!”

Tamron: “No, I married him.”

Porsha: “You should be dating your husband, keeping the excitement going. We’re enjoying it…”

Tamron: “…but you’re engaged to be married…”

Porsha: “And I’m still his special sweetheart, we are in the honeymoon phase. We’re enjoying each other, it’ll come.”

The Internet Weighs In On Porsha Williams’ Tamron Hall Comments

While some people agree with Porsha that Tamron was too hard on her during that interview, others think that the journalist was just doing her job.


Loni Love also recently praised Tamron Hall and fellow journalist Gayle King, which Porsha clearly didn’t appreciate. “So touching,” the housewife sarcastically retweeted.

What do YOU think about Porsha Williams’ Tamron Hall comments? Fair or foul?



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