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Professional athletes and guns seem to be all the rage in this news cycle.

Monday night, news broke that a shooting had taken place at Cincinnati Bengals baller Joe Mixon’s home that left a “juvenile male” injured. Initially, it wasn’t clear if Mixon was actually involved or not and subsequent reports haven’t exactly shed much light on the subject either. That said, there is no public information suggesting that police believe Mixon was the shooter.

According to TMZ, the person who was at the house at the time was Mixon’s trainer Sean Pena. Pena called 911 after watching “kids” running around near the house with their cars blocking the suburban streets. The 911 call has been released to the public and in it, you can hear Pena say that at first he believed the guns that the “kids” were brandishing were fakes or toys, but all that changed when the sounds of gunshots rang out.

“One kid was running around brandishing a weapon and he went back to his car and it looked like it was a fake weapon,” Pena said. “But then I kept watching, watching, watching and then he was screaming something and he went back to his car and he pulled out another weapon. It looked like a Kel-Tec or something and ran up the back driveway of this house that he had been going up and down, and said, ‘F*** yeah.'”

Peep the audio for yourself below.

Upon arrival, police officers say they found the aforementioned juvenile with a gunshot wound to his foot. They noted that the juvenile didn’t want medical attention. A single shell casing was found in Mixon’s backyard.

Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office is being tight-lipped about their investigation but says that more details may be available this week. We shall see.


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