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LaTocha Scott recently clapped back at her sister Tamika for accusing her of stealing $30,000 and she also dug into details about her ongoing feud with Kandi Burruss.

Tamika Scott, LaTocha Scott, and Kandi Burruss at the SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B red carpet premiere

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After weeks of headlines about LaTocha as an Xscape vocalist-turned-alleged-villain, the songstress clapped back at her groupmates. Since the premiere of  SWV & XSCAPE: The Queens of R&B, the older Scott sister has been on the defense. In addition to group drama claiming LaTocha sabotaged Xscape by going solo, Tamika said her sister stole her money.

In a recent video, LaTocha denied stealing Tamika’s money with receipts and addressed the beef with Kandi.

“I don’t normally do this, but since everybody wants to ‘Speak On It’ and I ain’t spoke on it, let’s speak on it,” LaTocha said on Thursday, mocking Kandi’s podcast.


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Watch LaTocha speak on “this $30,000 lie” after the flip.

“Let’s Talk About This $30,000 Lie”

LaTocha said promotion for her upcoming solo gospel album kept her too busy for the drama, but she had time on Thursday. The R&B baddie came dressed in a black turtleneck and chains like Nino Brown, so you know she meant business!

“Let’s talk about this $30,000 lie. Keep in mind, I learned it was $30,000 when I watched it with y’all,” she said.

LaTocha challenged the timeline of stealing from Tamika while she was pregnant a decade ago. She inserted a clip serenading Tamika at her baby shower, saying it was just the two of them performing in Xscape. She claimed they performed together for years, including as Xscape3 with Tiny, and her sister Tamika never ever mentioned $30,000.

“For the record, I did not steal $30,000 from my sister. You know how she do,” LaTocha said, inserting a clip of Tamika apologizing for a lie about Kandi.

“So now, I guess I’ll just wait on my apology. And she did it onstage. I want that too,” she continued.

Another alleged revelation was that her husband Rocky originally set up the record deal for the Scott sisters to do a gospel album together. LaTocha alleged that she and Rocky put way more money in her sister’s pockets than $30,000.

LaTocha Says Ongoing Feud With Kandi Is Lead Singer Shade

The “Stay With Me” singer also addressed Kandi’s beef with her, clarifying that she never denied Kandi’s lead vocals. She blamed the drama on Kandi “hating” on her singing the lead on some of their songs.

“Let’s be clear, I never said that she didn’t sing lead. I said she had an issue with me singing lead,” LaTocha said.

Like all the other tension in this group, it allegedly started way back in the day. LaTocha recalled a day at Jermaine Dupri’s studio when she walked in on Kandi crying about her singing lead.

“I said, ‘What’s going on here?’ I’m like, something’s wrong and I need to find out what it is. And when I found out, yeah she was upset about me singing lead. Listen, I never had a problem with her singing lead. Go ahead, girl!”

Instead of throwing shade directly, she just let Kandi’s singing speak for itself in a clip from #RHOA.

Can You Believe Everything You See On TV?

While LaTocha is infamous for bringing in the most drama in the group of divas, she pointed to producers deliberately shaping that narrative. She called out everything from cut scenes that explained her perspective, to switching up the timeline of events.

“What’s crazy is the things that y’all didn’t see was me addressing the issues I had with the group. It conveniently just got cut out. I addressed Kandi first. I told her ‘I did my part. I was trying to be a friend. I showed up for your Broadway plays. I was there for your single plays. I was even there when you did the Essence cover,” she revealed.

The confrontation triggered Kandi and production cut the cameras because she “started that crying thing,” according to LaTocha. Yikes!

She even imitated the exaggerated boo-hooing.



As for LaTocha’s attitude during group scenes on the show, she had an answer for that, too. The 49-year-old revealed that her first scene filmed for Queens of R&B was at her mother’s house with Tamika.

That would explain expecting a hug from her sister before their Xsplosive fight, but giving Tamika the cold shoulder when both groups met together.

LaTocha said she was obviously hurt at the Xscape group meeting at Tiny’s house when Tamika asked why she was still mad.

“Girl, you just accused your of sister of thief. What do you want me to do?” she asked.

Which Scott sister do you believe in all this ongoing Xscape drama?  Check out another recent interview with LaTocha where she categorically denies the stealing allegations.

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