Kandi is a boss in real life so it was only right that she plays the role of Madame X, Pretty Stoned’s big bad boss calling all the shots on the 4/20 holiday.

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As previously reported the housewife is starring in the MTV film that follows the story of two dueling co-workers; one a total stoner with no commitment to her job and the other a type-A high-achiever focused on her career. The two women must join forces when they find themselves sky-high in a boatload of trouble after one of them disposes of $20,000 worth of pot from a drug Queen Pin and her henchwomen.

Paris Berelc and Pretty Vee are the leads of Pretty Stoned amid an all-star cast that also includes Jess Hilarious, Brandee Evans, and Kandi who plays the villain, Madame X.


According to Kandi, her character is doing big (bad) things in the movie.


“Madame X is a little spicy, she’s a little edgy as you can tell by my outfit. I am the boss around here!” Kandi told BOSSIP. “I am the one who has the BEST weed in town and everybody is stealing from me, basically. So I have to do somethings to some people. Also I was told that my role was written for a man when they first wrote the script but then eventually made some changes.

“They wanted to represent more of 2023 because women are really in power, making moves and doing big things. That’s what was explained to me, the decision to turn the character from a male to a female and I totally agree with their decision.”

The Grammy Award-winning producer and #RHOA star also told us about how Pretty Stoned is filled with representation.

“I think there’s so much representation in the film, even though it is a comedy. As far as the relationships in the film, different types of love, women being bossed up and seeing it from a different stand point than what we saw back in the day. Now we have two funny a** women playing characters and really bringing it in comedy. I think that it’s really cool because now we get to see who’s next, who’s going to be the new faces of comedy movies, the new dynamic duos and I think that our girls really represented.”

Pretty Stoned re-airs tonight for the 4/20 holiday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV!


You can also catch it again on Friday 4/21 at 8 pm ET!


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