Fans of “The Mercedes Experience” can rejoice now that they’ll see their fave take on the persona of yet another boss babe, this time in a film.

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Brandee Evans is one of the stars of MTV’s newest comedy Pretty Stoned, following the story of two dueling co-workers; one a total stoner with no commitment to her job and the other a type-A high-achiever focused on her career. The two women must join forces when they find themselves sky-high in a boatload of trouble after one of them disposes of $20,000 worth of pot from a drug Queen Pin and her henchwomen.


Brandee who plays Tick Tock in the film recently told BOSSIP about how she balanced being a loving full-time caregiver while still showing up to set her best self for work every day.

“Whew chile, God! My mom is actually in the hospital today, being completely transparent but you gotta keep going and I know that’s what she’s taught me too,” Evans told BOSSIP.

“You have to keep it moving, she’s taken care of well at home, I have some great caregivers who assistance, so yeah I gotta come to work and here we are.”

“As a caregiver, you can wake up and think that it’s going to be a normal day then low-key everything can break loose and that’s where I am today with my mom,” she added. “But you just keep pushing and people have to have empathy with caregivers and understand that sometimes it’s not advice that they need but maybe just for them to vent.”

Evans also explained why viewers will love her Pretty Stoned character who’s a tough, intense henchwoman and Madame X’s enforcer.

“Oh the viewers gone love Tick Tock!” Evans told BOSSIP. “Tick Tock is crazy, literally crazy! But she’s working on herself. Tick Tock is the main person to Madame X and she has a bit of anger issues but she’s working on it like a lot of us sometimes, going to therapy and she loves to roller-skate.

“Roller skating gives her peace and therapy and now that I think about it, that’s me that might be the Tick Tock in me. While she is tough you’ll see that soft side come out of her as well once she gets to know Stella and Darcy.”

The film’s setting takes place in Atlanta, GA and it wouldn’t be complete without a skating scene that Brandee knows all too well.


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Back in February, Brandee was seen on the scene skating and living her best life at Interscope x Flipper’s Star-Studded Pre-Grammy Party.

“I roller-skate, I’m from the hood!” Evans told BOSSIP. “I learned how to roller-skate on the concrete with the rocks so if you can make it through that, you can make it through anything. I’m excited to roller-skate and it’s been a few months since I’ve been on skates but I’m going to jump into them for the scenes like nothing ever happened!”

Pretty Stoned re-airs tonight for the 4/20 holiday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV!

You can also catch it again on Friday 4/21 at 8 pm ET!


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