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Chlöe Bailey is no stranger to criticism, and she knows how to handle certain shady situations like bashing her mentor, Beyoncé.

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Bailey is signed to Beyonce’s Parkwood record label, and she recently released her new album “In Pieces.” The album, unfortunately, garnered relatively disappointing album sales, which resulted in debuting at 119 on Billboard in its first week.

Once fans heard this news they immediately pinpointed the problem to Beyoncé and her absence from any promotional activity. However, Chlöe isn’t allowing that narrative to live on much longer and she credited Beyoncé for much of she and her sister’s success.

During a recent interview on “The Breakfast Club”, Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy asked Chloe whether she places any blame on Beyonce. “The internet felt like Beyoncé should’ve done more in regards to promoting your album.”

Chlöe responded, “I love B, and she supported my sis and I since we had our little locs on YouTube, so it’s all love over here. I love her.”

DJ Envy stayed on the topic of Beyoncé and asked, “Everyone was saying because Beyoncé didn’t post your album…How did that make you feel?”

“At least they’re talking and at least people will go and listen to the project. And as much as people try to bring up numbers and things like that, I’m trending every other day. Marketing can’t buy that. A label can’t buy that. So people care enough to constantly have my name in their mouth. So, I’m doing something right,” the In Pieces singer explained.

“If it was real what people were saying, my tours wouldn’t be sold-out. People wouldn’t be singing word-for-word on an album I just dropped a week and a half ago. That’s what I have to switch my perspective to — instead of allowing others and people who aren’t doing anything with themselves or their lives dim my light.”

Chlöe’s Response To Other Controversies From Swarm

Chlöe also figured out how to turn a negative into a positive when she received backlash for her graphic sex scene in new drama, Swarm. Fans criticized Bailey when her character Marissa engaged in a jaw-dropping sex scene with Damson Idris (who plays Marissa’s boyfriend Khalid) within the first few minutes of the first episode.

When asked about the scene on “The Breakfast Club,” Chlöe defended her choice of being a part of the film.

Everybody had my name in their mouth, maybe a week or two before my album. Then, with “Praise This” I got to do this whole full press junket, go on all these morning shows, talk shows — Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore, do all these great things — to talk about that. And because God is so good, I got to finesse that and also promote about my album,” she said.

“I am grateful that I have multiple avenues and multiple ways that I can make money and promote myself. It’s hard, but I love it,” she continued. “What God has for me will be for me…No one can stop what God has for you. Now, I’m on a sold-out tour.”

Fans online continue to applaud Chlöe for her professionalism and classy responses to the backlash and criticism.

Do you think asking Chlöe about Beyoncé’s support of In Pieces is a fair question or messy trolling?


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