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What’s more shocking than Chris Brown allegedly fighting Usher at a party he threw for Breezy? They both performed at Usher’s Lovers & Friends Festival the next day.

Interscope x Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace Celebrate Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" Hosted By Usher

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It’s unclear if the stars have any beef between them after a heated argument reportedly got physical. Regardless of personal drama, Usher and Chris satisfied their fans (and contractual obligations. Both stars showed up and showed out at Lovers & Friends.

The Confessions singer didn’t acknowledge the drama except to show his face shortly before he took the festival stage.

“We’re here, having a great time,” Usher said to the camera with no visible injuries. “See you soon!”

Chris hit the stage right before Usher. He performed throwbacks like “Shortie Like Mine” with an assist from Bow Wow.

Tyga also reunited with Chris onstage.

Before his set, Usher hung out backstage, appreciating his fellow artists like Busta Rhymes.

Usher put on a show as scheduled, like nothing happened the night before. He donned black-on-black leather for his headlining performance.

Lovers & Friends Music Festival

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Summer Walker decided to “Come Thru” to perform their joint hit together during his set.

The consummate professional didn’t miss a beat on his festival stage.

Lovers & Friends Music Festival

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Check out the details we do know and reactions to Chris Brown allegedly fighting Usher after the jump.

Usher Threw Chris Brown A Surprise Birthday Party For Chris Brown, Chris And Crew Allegedly Jumped Usher

Hollywood Unlocked originally reported that Chris Brown came to blows with Usher on Friday night. Usher surprised him with a star-studded surprise birthday party. The “Breezy De Mayo” celebration occurred at Skate Rock City in Las Vegas.

The good vibes took a turn when “intoxicated” Chris got “disrespectful” with Teyana Taylor for an “unknown reason,” according to a source. Chris allegedly escalated, calling Usher a “coward” when he intervened and stormed out.

Sources say the more Usher tried to calm things down, the more they got out of control when he followed Breezy outside.

“Shockingly, that’s when things went completely left, with Chris Brown and his crew allegedly jumping the legendary R&B singer. The insider went on to say that the alleged beatdown was so bad that it left Usher with a ‘bloodied nose.’

Most accounts of the party focused on Usher showing love and serenading the guest of honor. However, TMZ confirmed that the men did get into a heated argument at the birthday bash.

TMZ’s source claimed Chris became outraged that Teyana ignored him, adding he cursed out both her and Usher.

Some online reactions couldn’t believe Chris would jump his good friend.

Others feigned surprise, joking that “he only hits women.” (Frank Ocean was “desirous of prosecution” after he said Chris’ crew jumped him in 2013. He changed his mind, choosing his “sanity. No Criminal Charges. No civil lawsuit.”)

Many of Chris’ critics noted that the verbal (and alleged physical) abuse comes with the territory of supporting a reported serial abuser.

While the back-to-back festival sets proved to some that Chris wasn’t wilding, other celebs’ reactions hint otherwise.

One Twitter user noted that Teyana Taylor went from celebrating Chris’ birthday to unfollowing him on IG.

Wack 100 responded, “Chris Brown is out of control” and likely to “run into the wrong squad” one day.

“He took off on my boy, London, drunk and high. Now he took off on Usher,” Wack said. “He went off on Teyana Taylor, called her a bunch of b*tches.”

Usher’s son also referenced a jumping in now-deleted Instagram Stories.

Fans wanted to see the prominent performers battle but never beefing or brawling.

Check out what Usher had to say about facing off with Chris Brown in a Verzuz battle after the flip!

It Was All Good Just A Week Ago: Usher Agreed To A Verzuz With Chris Brown

In a recent interview with Big Boy TV, Usher quickly confirmed he’d be willing to perform head-to-head with Chris Brown. He had a few conditions for participating in a Verzuz or anything similar. Instead of a musical battle, Usher wants a love-fest to celebrate their careers.

“Me and Chris would kill the world if we ever did something together like that. I’m not saying it’s Verzuz, but I’mma just say this: if that ever happens it would be one of the biggest things that anybody has ever experienced in entertainment in celebration of two people who love each other,” he said.

For those wondering why Usher would throw Chris a birthday party, he has a lot of love for the problematic fave. He looks at Chris like a little brother.

“I love Chris—I don’t like him, I don’t like his music—I love his music. I love him. He’s my little brother and he’s always been there for me and I’ve always been there with him,” Usher said.

“Through hard, ups and down times I’ve been there with him. For us to be able to celebrate what we do together, that’ll be crazy. I’mma just leave it there,” he continued.

Do you think Usher and Chris Brown made up, or did their long-term bromance break up?

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