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Brian McKnight returned with another cringe-worthy clap back about his family, explaining why he started “Back At One” with Brian Jr. #2 whom he calls his “one true legacy” and cut his adult children out of his will.


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The R&B singer told us to “stay tuned” and now we know it because he released a YouTube where he continued to deny the “abandonment” rumors.  The star, who was once synonymous with baby-making music, became the new face of child-forsaking when the internet dragged him for reportedly beefing with his estranged children.

Brian recorded another video addressing the backlash about his biological kids, as though that worked out so well the first time. He addressed allegations that he’s only claiming his new wife’s kids, spoke on his daughter’s lawsuit against him, and talked about why he decided to name his second son Brian Jr.

“Some people can’t handle seeing my happily ever after,” he said to internet critics.

Brian explained the obvious omissions in his family posts didn’t ever cross his mind because he doesn’t “live in the past.”

Brian McKnight Explains Only Claiming His New Wife’s Children Online

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For weeks, disgusted former fans called out Brian’s shady captions and shocking details about his relationship with his older children. Brian already had an ex-wife and children from previous relationships: Brian Jr., Niko, and Briana. However, you couldn’t tell from his posts. The singer seemingly acted as though he had never loved, never had a namesake, and never was a girl dad before his blended family with wife Leilani.

“There is a very simple reason why I post about some of my children on social media, and not others. The children that I do not currently have relationships with, I don’t post about them,” he shrugged.

“Instead, I post about the children with whom I do have relationships, with whom I am proud of, and about whom I want to share my pride in their accomplishments,” he continued.

“I don’t live in the past. I live in the present and the future.

Brian blamed the backlash on haters who “can’t handle seeing happiness and love.” Meanwhile, nothing seems more bitter and miserable to his critics than allegedly trolling his own kids.

Brian also spoke out about the legal battle with his daughter, Briana, who filed a defamation suit against him.

Check out Brian’s receipts about Briana suing him for a “vicious lie” in his last video after the flip!

Briana McKnight Sued Her Father For Defamation Over His Last Video About Her

Outside of social media shade, Briana McKnight’s lawsuit against her famed father made headlines again. When Brian Jr. and Briana spoke out about feeling abandoned and having no relationship with their father in 2019, the singer made another video. He discussed estrangement from his daughter by claiming underaged Briana “engaged in sexual relations with an older cousin.” She sued him for defamation, calling the video a “vicious lie,” according to Radar Online.

Social media users called out the comments for treating the assault of a child as petty gossip and then victim-blaming her.

“There’s been a lot of misinformation about the case and a lot of people who don’t know what happened acting like they do. I think it’s important to clear up some of that misinformation. In 2020, my biological daughter Briana sued me for defamation and breach of contract,” he said.

Brian posted the case number, inviting social media sleuths to review the case for themselves. He threw shade at his daughter for wanting “More Than Words” of apology and settling out of court for damages.

“You will see that she did not ask for an apology or even ask that I remove the alleged false statement from the internet. All she asked for and all she wanted was money,” Brian claimed.

This echoed similar sentiments from his initial video, accusing Briana’s mother of “only having a child with me for money in the first place.”

“We settled the case earlier this year, and I agreed to pay Briana some money, but here’s the interesting part,” he continued. “She sued me for defamation and breach of contract for a million dollar life insurance policy. I agreed to pay her with no admission of any wrongdoing whatsoever.”

Brian said that if he won a defamation suit, he’d “demand a public apology” and “demand a retraction of statements.” It seems like the path of least resistance considering Brian reportedly used the legal battle to demand a list of everyone she ever kissed or called a “boyfriend.”

The Grammy winner clarified that he “made no false statements” and “made up no stories.” The lawsuit was just one of many messy McKnight family feuds.

See Brian address “abandonment” accusations and why the second Brian Jr. is his “true legacy” after the flip!

Brian McKnight Addresses “Abandonment” Accusations, Calls Infant Brian Jr. His “True Legacy”

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The singer returned to the receipts about the happy times his adult kids spent with the blended family back in the day.

“Those kids and I have had a long history of conflicts, mutual estrangements, and resolutions. But there was a time that we were a successfully blended family,” he said.

Brian previously posted screenshots of birthday dinners, vacations, and holidays together to prove he didn’t “abandon” his children. The oldest McKnight sons were even best men in his wedding to Leilani.

According to the video, the family split again over money. Then in 2019, Brian Jr. and Briana spoke out with a “completely different narrative for the reason why.”

After that, Brian not only “disowned” his adult children, but also disinherited them by changing his will.

“I never abandoned anyone. The estrangement was mutual. Those posts made any roads towards reconciliation and acknowledging them a dead issue. I changed my will the next day,” he said.

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The famous father concluded with more shade about “trying to smear my name while continuing to use it.” He also smugly smirked about the second Brian Jr.

“I make absolutely no apologies for naming my infant son Brian. I want him and the world to know that he is the one who is my true legacy,” Brian continued.

Whew! It’s hard to tell if this is the end of Brian McKnight’s online drama or starting up another round of it.

What do you think about Brian’s latest video and his beef with Brian Jr., Niko, and Briana?

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