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Lil Durk - 2023 Dreamville Music Festival

Lil Durk – Source: Tim Mosenfelder / Getty

Lil Durk breaks his silence on the YSL Rico case and calls Gunna a rat for accepting a plea deal and claims he should have stayed silent.

It has been months since Gunna accepted a plea deal in the YSL Rico Case and regained his freedom. Since his release, he has stayed out of the spotlight while people have shared their opinion on his actions. To be clear, his Alford Plea doesn’t hurt or hinder anyone else’s case but still has left a bad taste in people’s mouths. Recently Lil Durk sat down with DJ Akademiks and didn’t hold back on his opinion.

“Now I don’t sit up here and play games, man,” Durkio stated, before elaborating. “That man told. You should have went in there and kept your mouth closed.” he continued. “If you a rat, you a rat. If you rewind this clip a little bit, I looked into the camera and told you, if you a rat, I f*cking hate you. Because I love Thug.”

Durk would later reveal his disdain for snitches comes from the fact one took his father out of his life. Which left him to be raised by a single mother without a male role model. Durkio’s viewpoint is understandable but asking Gunna to stay in jail with an option to be released is silly.


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