Duke Deuce Body Slams Fan Through Table At Rolling Loud Miami

Cranium-Crushing Crunkstar Duke Deuce Summer Slams Fan Through Table During Rolling Loud Miami Set, Explains Mixing Music & Wrestling

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The People’s Crunkest Champ!

2023 Rolling Loud Miami

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That loud smash you heard over the weekend was stone-cold Memphis rapper Duke Deuce (aka The Memphis Mangler aka Memphis MayHIM?) body slamming a fan through a table during his rowdy performance at Rolling Loud Miami.

In a now-viral video, the emerging star can be seen team-slamming a willing fan through a table in a devastating finishing move that gave us flashbacks to WWE’s wildly popular show Monday Night Raw.

Check out the full performance below:


Deuce, who rocketed into the crunkosphere with bone-shattering anthems, impressive dance moves, and that hilarious life-revival meme, explained the pairing of wrestling with his high-energy performances.

“I’m a big fan of The Dudley Boyz so it was only right that as a Crunk artist I mix my love for music and wrestling into my performances,” he said. “I originated the wrestling moves during my performance sets just like I originate and inspire a lot of everyone’s favorites.”


Discovered by Offset and signed to Quality Control in 2017, the larger-than-life rapper exploded onto the scene with his viral “Yeh” video featuring his signature style of “gangsta walkin” that helped jump-start his journey to world domination.


“Well, of course, crunk music came from Memphis,” said Deuce about his hometown’s influence in an interview with REVOLT‘s ‘The Progress Report.’

Before we started calling it crunk, it was buck, and that went all the way back in the ’80s, you feel me? And then, ’round 1992, that’s when we really started calling it crunk. So, this s**t really been going on.

The gangsta walkin’ and s**t was all a part of it as well… a lot of people look at it as dancing ’cause they don’t know the roots and the culture of it. It was called gangsta walkin’ for a reason.

Like, them motherf*****s that was doin’ it was gangstas and pimps, and they was really doin’ that s**t in the club. A lot of that s**t started in the skating rink.”


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