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Tim Anderson is “taking responsibility” after eating a punch from Jose Ramirez, but critics claim he didn’t swallow his pride with the alleged A.I. apology.

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians

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Anderson’s latest statement looks like the start of an apology tour for something besides the infielder’s infamous infidelity.  According to NBC Sports Chicago, the White Sox star took responsibility for his actions the night of the highlight reel haymaker. However, it didn’t quite cure over because he’s also firing back at Ramirez and the rest of the Cleveland Guardians.

As BOSSIP previously reported, the side chick seducer got slept at second base after squaring up with Ramirez. Instead of simply exchanging words about Ramirez sliding into second, the men threw hands. Anderson’s mouth and wild swing wrote a check his a** couldn’t cash. Ramirez caught him with a righteous right hand that knocked Anderson out.

Tim Anderson Apologizes For Squaring Up With Jose Ramirez, But Blames Guardians For Provoking Second Base Squabble

“I want to apologize to the entire White Sox organization, my teammates, manager and coaches and to the fans for my part in the altercation which took place in Cleveland. This has been an incredibly disappointing season for me personally and for our team,” Anderson wrote on Thursday night.

“I will not get into the things that were said to me by Cleveland players both Friday night and Saturday, but those comments do not excuse my language or conduct, and I take full responsibility for my emotions getting the better of me,” the Instagram Story continued.

In addition to pointing blame at his fellow players leading up to the mid-game smackdown, he fired back at comments from Ramirez. In a post-game interview the night of the fight, the third baseman had no regrets about the knockout. Like many in the baseball world, Ramirez said Anderson had it coming because “he’s been disrespecting the game for a while now.”

“The Cleveland players are free to say whatever they want,” Anderson added, “but I will just say that no one has more respect for the game of baseball than me.”

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago White Sox

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Even after responsibility for the Cleveland clash, Anderson still isn’t beating the “arrogant” allegations. Several people suspect that finger-pointing is Anderson’s main contribution to the apology, and the rest is CapGPT.

Check out the reactions to Tim Anderson’s apology for the Jose Ramirez fight after the flip!

Social Media Puts Tim Anderson On Blast For “Arrogant” Alleged A.I. Apology

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox

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Considering the celebrations about Tim Anderson’s KO as some suspected “long overdue” karma, many didn’t buy his statement. Fans called him out for deflecting while claiming to take full responsibility for his actions. Some took it a step further than calling the statement insincere. They exposed him for allegedly letting a computer do the talking with an A.I. apology.

Whatever maturity and accountability came across in Anderson’s response is computer-generated, according to critics. Twitter users posted screenshots of a scan claiming that ChatGPT generated the statement.

The skeptics’ first clue was that it’s dramatically different from the Kanye-esque string of heated Tweets Anderson posted after he woke up from the infield fisticuffs.

“You know all this happening for a reason… We staying focus[ed] with this sh*t. Been going through this for a min… Alotta mf been switching up, too,” Anderson Tweeted the morning after along with “#fakesh*t.”

“Y’all get me f*cked up fr fr. Hope you picking up what I’m putting down, too. The Picture Bigger…” he cryptically continued.

Maybe the MLB’s six-game suspension over the incident sparked a change of heart in Anderson. Officials reduced it to five days upon appeal. Ramirez also got a three-game suspension that was later reduced to two.

Whether people love Anderson or love to hate him, he’s certain to keep everyone talking and keep running his mouth.

Check out some of the reactions to Tim Anderson’s apology below.

What do you think about Tim Anderson’s apology about the Jose Ramirez fight? Does it hit differently if ChatGPT wrote it?

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