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Philandering infielder Tim Anderson squared up to squabble with Jose Ramirez only to get slept at second base, and social media called it “karma.”

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians

Source: Ron Schwane / Getty

Anderson’s baby mama already revealed that the MLB star could dish it out on the sidelines, but he clearly can’t take it on the field. Arguing and altercations are common after tense plays, but the petulant pro earned a KO when he turned the baseball diamond into a boxing ring. Social media didn’t hesitate to hilariously roast Anderson for spending more time on extramarital slinging than successful swinging.

In case you missed it, Saturday’s baseball brawl started during the sixth inning, with the Chicago White Sox leading the Cleveland Guardians 5-1 at Progressive Field. After Ramirez slid into the second base through Anderon’s legs, he held his hand out, hoping for a sportsmanlike assist. Instead, Anderson just stood over him.

They exchanged words when Ramirez got to his feet, and Anderson escalated by pushing Ramirez and second-base umpire Malachi Moore. The ump wanted no smoke when he saw Anderson take his gloves off to square up. The benches cleared to break them up, but the hands started flying too fast.

Anderson threw the first punch and the second was a swing and a miss. Ramirez fired back with a clean right that put Anderson to sleep.

Both men were ejected from the field and will possibly face suspensions, but Ramirez seems to have no regrets for defending himself.

Check out what Jose Ramirez said about knocking out Tim Anderson after the flip!

Jose Ramirez Speaks Out After Knocking Out Tim Anderson

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians

Source: Ron Schwane / Getty

If you let someone “shenan” once, they’ll shenanigan, but not on Ramirez’s watch! In a post-game interview, Ramirez said it was a long time coming after Anderson repeatedly wilding with a bad attitude. He just tried the right one on Saturday night.

“I think he’s been disrespecting the game for a while now. It’s not just from today, it’s from before. I’ve had the chance to tell him during the game, ‘Don’t do this stuff. Just be respectful. Don’t start tagging people like that,’ because in reality, we’re here tying to provide for the family,” he explained through his interpreter.

“As soon as the play happened, he tagged me again really hard, more than needed. And then he wanted to fight, so I had to defend myself,” he continued.

Ramirez added that Anderson pushed another player off the base as he slid into second because he could get away with doing it to rookies. He added that the Guardians supported him and always had his back.

“I never wanted to disrespect the game,” Ramirez humbly added about his first ejection from the game.

Of course, multiple corners of the internet converged like Voltron to make sure Tim Anderson knew what happened when he woke up: “You got knocked the f*ck out!!”

Check out the hilarious reactions to Tim Anderson throwing hands and catching Jose Ramirez’s haymaker after the flip!

Twitter Roasts Tim Anderson For Getting The Second-Base Sonic Rings Knocked Out Of Him

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians

Source: Ron Schwane / Getty

Between embarrassing his wife, Bria Anderson, and embarrassing himself on the field, Twitter couldn’t let Tim Anderson live this down. Check out some of the reactions to the fade caught in 4K.

The scene wouldn’t be complete without the actual Sonic rings and sound effects.

Several comments called the knockout karma for Anderson juggling his wife and baby mama Dejah Lenee.

To make matters even worse (and funnier), Anderson had to delete old Tweets like one from 2012 saying “I’m bout to go to sleep.”

The trolling also continued on Anderson’s Wikipedia page.

A brand new Twitter account with the last name Anderson came to the Sox player’s defense. It seems like a possible relative or his own burner denying that he got rocked.

Anderson’s Twitter fingers may be busy, but he’s understandably taking the day off.

What do you think of Tim Anderson’s fight with Jose Ramirez?

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