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#RHOA: Kandi, Courtney, Drew

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Real Housewives of Atlanta fans aren’t just commenting on a potential reboot of the show, they’re “speaking on” Kandi Burruss’ latest interview that some think went too far with “disgusting” and “disturbing” comments about a housewife’s sister.

Courtney Rhodes Appears On Kandi Burruss’ Speak On It Podcast, Calls Out Drew Sidora

On Sunday, Kandi had #RHOA “friend of the show” Courtney Rhodes appear on her Speak On It podcast.


During the chat, Courtney spoke about her falling out with housewife Drew Sidora after she admitted to calling her a “b***.”

During the season finale, Drew’s husband Ralph defended Courtney’s use of the word and an angry Drew stormed off.


That moment was brought up on Speak On It and Kandi admitted that she was surprised to see Ralph take Courtney’s side.

According to Courtney, who says she’s Ralph’s cousin, there’s a simple reason as to why that happened.

“Because I have been a better friend to Ralph in these last 6 months than Drew has been a wife in 8 years, period!” said Courtney.

“And I stand on that,” she added. “Because I would never do the things she’s done to him and try to make him seem like this horrible narcissistic husband when she’s just been playing this whole victim role, trying to intentionally create these storylines and make him look horrible. That’s not okay!”

Well damn!

That’s not all that Courtney said however, she also spoke about Drew’s protective sister Allison who was seen defending the housewife on the show.


In a deleted clip, Courtney hinted that Allison’s open struggle with mental illness might have been a fake storyline for the cameras.


Hit the flip for more.

Courtney Rhodes Hints That Drew Sidora’s Sister Allison Is Faking Her Mental Illness In Resurfaced Interview Clip

After Kandi’s Courtney Rhodes interview went live, several fans called out the comments that she and Courtney made about Drew Sidora’s sister, Allison.

The YouTube video was swiftly deleted and re-uploaded without the commentary, but not before fans saved it and shared it on social media.

In clips, Kandi and Courtney can bee seen speaking about Allison’s admitted mental health struggles.

Throughout the show, the newbie told the ladies that she experienced mental breakdowns and was admitted to psychiatric care. According to Courtney however, despite Allison’s heartfelt admissions, she wasn’t 100% sold on the validity of her condition.


“Honestly I was just trying to stay away from her sister because of this whole story about her mental illness,” said Courtney on Speak On It before noting that Allison was “drinking tequila a lot.”
“I just don’t wanna have nothing to do with that, I don’t wanna be the one arguing with someone who may have a mental illness.”


Courtney and Kandi then debated whether or not they thought Allison’s mental health struggles were real, a way to gain sympathy, or just a reality TV storyline.

“I have to be honest, I thought you [Drew] had been lying about yours sister having a mental illness because she seems so normal and like a woman who doesn’t have those kind of problems,” said Kandi. “I didn’t think that it was true,” she added before saying she wondered if Drew was trying to get sympathy.

“Or a storyline…for Drew,” volunteered Courtney before adding that her cousin Ralph thought it could be to promote a future podcast.

“To me, it just feels a little like exploitation,” addec Courtney.”She’s feeding her tequila constantly in these settings. Like, why would you do that?”

As you can imagine #RHOA fans think the ladies took their comments too far and they’re weighing in on social media.

Amid the backlash, Kandi noted that Courtney’s comments came immediately after the filming of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion where she exchanged words with Allison…

“I think her and Drew’s sister had some words at the reunion,” said Kandi on Kandi Koated Live. “[And] when she was speaking on Speak On It, it reflected how she felt at the time.

and people are pointing out that Kandi made similar comments about Allison personally to Drew.

What do YOU think about Kandi and Courtney Rhodes’ comments about Drew Sidora’s sister?

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