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When Diddy told us he won’t stop, that also applied to the bedroom because Yung Miami praised his peen prowess as a long-lasting lover: “This n*gga don’t go to sleep”

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Yung Miami recently sat down with Diddy for the latest episode of Love Radio on Apple. The casual couple shared details about the mogul’s sexual stamina.

Yung Miami Reveals She Didn’t Put Diddy To Sleep Like ‘Buenas Noches’ After All: “It’s Giving ‘No Sleep'”

According to the rapstress, she predicted her WAP would make the mogul “tap out.” She was shook to find out Diddy’s ding-a-ling is also #TeamNoSleep.

The conversation began with the City Girls star asking Puff  “how many rounds” he can go in the bedroom. He convinces her to answer the question since she has firsthand knowledge.

“Baby, let me tell y’all something. This n*gga don’t go to sleep. I be like g*ddamn,” she answered.

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Yung Miami, whose real name Caresha is as popular as her rap name, then referenced her song “Rap Freaks.” The laughable line dedicated to Diddy, “Put your rich ass to sleep, buenas noches,” wasn’t exactly true.

“I’ma tell y’all something, for real, for real, for real, I really thought that I was gon’ make him tap out…I really thought he was about to be buenas noches but this n*gga don’t go to sleep,” she explained.

“I be like, ‘You need to go to sleep.’ You gotta be charged up like a Tesla,” Caresha revealed as a diamond encrusted “love” chain hung from her neck.

Apparently, Diddy’s mantra “can’t stop, won’t stop” applies to the bedroom as well.

“You going off the grid with me you definitely gotta go to sleep for a week,” Diddy replied with a mischievous grin.

The 29-year-old agreed, “It’s definitely giving no sleep.”

Check out more details about Diddy & Yung Miami’s love life and the social media reactions after the flip!

Social Media Reacts To Diddy & Yung Miami’s Bedroom Banter: “It’s Giving Fake”

2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

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Social media users gave their conflicting opinions on the rappers’ relationship. Several of the comments debated if Caresha actually enjoyed sleeping with the “Take That” entertainer.

One commenter said, “Caresha know she lying 🤥 she just making sure to keep getting that monthly deposit lol,” while another agreed, “I think she lying for him but I guess.”

“I just can’t picture them sleeping together,” someone else added.

“They have a weird vibe. It’s giving Fake” another surmised.


Other fans wanted to know what’s keeping little Diddy boppin’ all night long.

“Well, what do he be taken because I cannot get a n*gga to stay up past 1-2 rounds,” one user commented.

JT’s bestie has never been one to shy away from rapping or chatting about her sex life. Earlier this year, “PeeGate” began to trend on social media after Miami admitted her affinity for golden showers.

“I don’t know, it just do something for me,” she said of her preferences. When social media users began to drag her, the City Girl doubled down, “Y’all know Idgaf! Resha Roulette ain’t for the weak,” she added in a follow-up tweet.

Papi and Shawty Wop have been dating since 2021. Most recently, the “Act Up” rapper was slow to deny pregnancy rumors stemming from her 2023 MTV Video Music Awards outfit.

DJ Envy asked the “Last Night” rapper about the possibility of being the pappy to Caresha’s baby.

“Caresha be throwing y’all for a spin. I’m telling y’all right now, Caresha be having fun. It be like a video game to her,” Diddy told The Breakfast Club hosts.

Puff’s peen is making him proud as the clip makes its rounds on Beyonce’s internet.

If social media users have any say, the future pair will keep their private life just that and leave Diddy’s D out of our domes.

Watch a clip from Diddy’s Love Radio with Yung Miami below.

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