A preeminent powerhouse is inviting fans into her world that includes 11 children, a roller coaster of a relationship with her manager, and new music. Not only that, but she’s addressing constant comparisons between her and fertile turbanator, Nick Cannon.

“He ain’t giving birth to none of them though,” the singer told BOSSIP. “All of them come out of my holy moly!”

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On Thursday, Keke Wyatt’s World premiered on WE TV. As previously reported, the six, one-hour episodes follow R&B artist, Keke Wyatt, as she navigates her demanding singing career along with being a wife, daughter, diva, friend, and mother to 11 children.

Having been in the music game for over a decade, Keke is ready to take her career in a new direction with her first new album in over six years while exploring challenges in love and as a mother. With a new baby added to her brood, Keke finds this new path far more difficult than ever before, unable to manage her way to superstardom the way her team would like.

A press release reports that as the pressures mount, she fights to keep it all from unraveling with the help of her husband, Zackariah, a stay-at-home dad who manages the house; her mother, Lorna, who is her rock but also stirs up trouble in the family; and her manager and BFF, Andrae, who struggles to keep her on track.

BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Dani Canada recently chatted with Wyatt about showcasing her family which includes her husband Zachariah Darring, her mom Lorna, and her 11 offspring.

“Cause I’m crazy, honey, “said Keke about her decision to bring her bustling brood onto WE tv. “It just felt like, I’m sick of people asking [about a show], if you like it cool–if you don’t God bless, then go on with your life.”

She also shared that her daily schedule is not as slammed as you’d think despite her number of children and noted that it only feels like she has three kids in total.

“[It’s] no different than a mama that has two or three (kids),” said Wyatt. “Because I have the older ones, the middle-aged ones, and the little ones, the little ones are the ones that get on my nerves. It feels like I have three kids.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Wyatt also responded to people comparing her to Nick Cannon considering that they both have a number of children.


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While Wyatt has birthed 11, Cannon has welcomed 12 with six different women.

People have joked that the two stars are battling it out Verzuz style when it comes to their expanding families…


but according to Keke Wyatt, there’s really no comparison between her and the Masked Singer host.

“He ain’t giving birth to none of them though!” Wyatt told BOSSIP. “All of them come out of my holy moly, they squeeze out through a little pin slit. There’s a difference; he gets to go, ‘Ahhhhhh,'” says Wyatt as though she’s breathing a sigh of relief. “I get to go ‘Ahhhhhh!'” she adds referencing her going through labor and delivery. “I heard all of that but there’s no comparison, he’s just laying down.”





That’s not all however, the singer also said that she enjoyed filming Keke Wyatt’s World with her best friend, her husband…


“He makes it easy to love him, to share my babies with him, he makes it easy to serve God with him,” Wyatt told BOSSIP. “You don’t wanna be with someone where you’re too scared to serve Jesus in front of, you want somebody you can share Jesus with.”

and offered advice to women who want multiple children like her.

“When I had my first child I was already on my career journey,” said Wyatt. “I knew that I could provide for my child, I would never encourage anyone to have babies when they can’t take care of them. If you wanna start early, make sure your career is early or do it at the same time.”

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