Bootylicious Beyonce: Bossip’s Best Photos and Images of Beyonce Bootylicious

- By Bossip Staff

Hips don’t lie, so why should we? If you’ve been around for long enough you know BOSSIP got a fetish… a fetish for some booty. In this case — we’re taking the time out to recognize Beyonce Knowles-Carter for her bootylicious factor. Pop the hood for a baker’s dozen of BeyBey’s best (pardon the pun) bootylicious backshots

Whether rockin’ a swimsuit or a gown, onstage or on set, poolside or yachtside Beyonce’s backs are definitely among the best.

Which bootylicious shot of Bey is your favorite?

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  • liza

    no one gives a f**ck. no wonder it has 0 comments. why is this even a post?? u need 2 hire writers with brains

  • KickRocks

    Hahaha. woah.

  • I am Highly Unattainable Yet Most Coveted

    Beyonce is ghetto, fake and ugly have you seen this gimmick with no make-up? I have seen better looking characters at the Bronx Zoo.

  • Mock Rock Star

    I love U Beyonce 🙂

  • http://bossip Mia

    Where are the cakes? I weigh a buck 25 and my cakes are bigger than Beyonces. The only cake I see is when she is fully covered ( butt pads). When the skin is showing Beyonce look flatter than I.

  • jayboogi88

    The black cat suit number.

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    I weigh a buck 25 and my cakes are bigger than Beyonces.



    What are your measurements if you don’t mind me asking???

    And are they round & jiggly or flat & wide???

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    I guess everybody is bored as hell today….

  • TheTruth


  • cake

    why do we need to see this? damn beyonce must really be desperate to stay afloat.

  • sholla21

    The one where she’s bent over with the brown dress.
    It was the BET Awards and she was singing “Cater 2 U” with Kelly and Michele.
    She gace Terrence Howards a lap dance that made him sweat, lol.

    That’s also the pic with the best hair.

  • LuvN_Life

    UUUmh i like Beyonce she’s a great performer. . . but she definenlty has cake,PANcake nacks.
    When she’s dressed up with her Booty pad they definently look like back.
    On to The Next

  • sholla21

    gave – sorry typo




  • ThatBKChick

    It is a known fact that after Bootylicious (She said she hates/regrets making that song), Beyonce got rid of her butt/curves to fit in with the white T establishment. She has been infamously known for wearing “butt-pads” when it is suitable for her appeal to black folk….SMDH!!!

  • REALLY??????

    No Booty Pads – she’s always been a thickety thick girl!

    So when the cakes look smaller it’s because she’s dieting – when they look bigger she’s not.

    Lately she seems to have really worked hard on her legs! Thumbs up to muscle tone girl! Looks like someone’s got themselves a really good trainer!

    Strong bodies rule!

  • R_U_Trying_To_Prove_Her_Right?

    I can appreciate “Knowles, Inc.” business savvy and hustle, but I have never bought, nor ever will buy a CD from her or her spouse, and I only bought the “Dreamgirls” DVD for J-Hud’s performance.

    I admire any black person(s) who can make a bundle LEGALLY in this cut-throat system.

    I admire business smarts, one their part, just as I admire Steve Jobs at Apple, for example, for taking a company that had faded from the high tech horizon, and making it the most valued (as measured by the stock market) high tech company in less than 10 years.

    That does NOT mean that I give a rat’s a$$ about what they do, or even about them personally.

  • I AGREE JEN! =)

    I have to agree and her butt pads under her dress what makes her look like she has a butt. You know they showing butt pads commericals and saying you can buy one for $19.95. The white, blacks, hispanics, and other were posing with them on and their butt looks like BEYONCE’S. She do have a nice body, though.

  • cake

    she’s a w*h*o*r*e

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    What is your preference thin or thick?


    I like ’em both but it’s a woman’s personality that really attracts me to them…

    In my opinion a personality can make a woman more or less attractive, but that’s just me…

  • D.

    Can’t even deny it, it looks soso gooood!

  • TRUTH IS....

    more trunks than dunks….smh

  • kama

    she’s a w*h*o*r*e!

  • too cute

    she never really had a big but,she has wide hips,her but doesn’nt curve out,not all black women have big buts,I know some who do wear but pads

  • K-O-O-L G-U-Y-!~Whishes:Happy sunday:Greetings,As,Farther Day fast Approaches"!`

    ,WITH RESPRCT””AND NO DISRESPECT OR PUN INTENDED”….Thereis only onething ,you,CAN: say when you see”BEAUTIEeeeeeeeeee”..qUOTE,,………………….:Na,Dat,LoCk,GoOd…End_Quote:…………….very”..outstandinglieeeeeeeee nice photos>of mrs beyounce””they are truly,AMASEINGggggggggggggg—-,with Very,Unique””HIGHLIGHTss,of:her” HER BEAUTIE””>…..too,MRS BEYOUNCE AND,FAMILY HAPPY SUNDAY GREETINGSsssss,have a nice day!!……….bye.

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