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It looks like Cardi B may have changed her stance when it comes to getting the money Tasha K owes her by any means necessary, but her fans are urging her not to “fall for” the blogger’s tears.

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As previously reported the rapper has been firm in her stance that she wants to teach Tasha K a lesson following the $4 million judgment in her favor. But now, she’s showing sympathy for the disgraced YouTuber as she’s clearly going through a tough time.

Early Thursday morning, Cardi hosted a Spaces on X where she spoke with her fans about the possibility of forgiving Tasha K. This comes after the latter posted a heartfelt video talking about her troubled childhood and the financial struggles that she is currently going through with her current bankruptcy case.

She also admitted that she aided in “taking the rapper down” and at one point, mentioned Nicki Minaj whom she says asked her to sign an NDA.

“I want all of this behind me,” said Tasha K. “I truly wanna see Nicki and Cardi—and I’ve told Nicki this. I said, ‘You and Cardi are the same’ and she was like, ‘What?’! I said, ‘You are the same but the difference is, I’m giving you grace and I hold her accountable but you’re older.'”


She also shared encouraging words for Cardi after she posted a tweet seemingly sharing suicidal thoughts.

“Believe it or not Belcalis, too many kids love you to be reading stuff like this and believe it or not, I love you,” said Tasha K.



Following Tasha’s video, the “WAP” rapper admitted to her followers that she’s been feeling sympathetic lately but made sure to emphasize that nobody should ever mistake her kindness for weakness.

And while she did not name Tasha K by name nor did she bring up the defamation case, her fans are adamant that the blogger is the subject of her sympathy.

“My friends always tell me this. They say toughest, weakest b***h,” Cardi explained. “But my heart is very big. And I’m not going to make decisions right away…because I got burnt so many times in life.”

While fans warned Cardi not to fall for Tasha’s tears, Cardi said she was going to have a conversation with her mother and her lawyers about the situation to see what she should do.

“But I’m going to talk to my mom,” she said. “Because, let me tell you something, I can tell when somebody is going through some s***. And I can tell when they don’t have nobody to talk to.”

“Surprisingly, it doesn’t make me happy,” Cardi said seemingly of Tasha’s struggle. “I don’t want to make wrong decisions. That’s why I wanna talk to mom tomorrow. I’m gon’ talk to my lawyers. But stop hurting people. Stop hurting people. Take a breather [and] think.”

In 2019, Cardi B sued Tasha K for defamation after the YouTuber posted a video accusing the entertainer of being a prostitute and doing drugs. Cardi B won the case in January 2022, and Tasha was ordered to pay the rapper $4 million. 

Cardi admits that her family and friends–including her husband Offset–would encourage her to push for justice and get her money, but Cardi insists that seeing someone else in pain doesn’t make her happy. As you can imagine, people think Cardi should ignore Tasha K’s video and they’re convinced it’s all a farce.

What do YOU think about Cardi B seemingly considering forgiving Tasha K?


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