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Candiace Dillard Bassett isn’t finished shading the “green-eyed bandits” for spreading salacious infidelity rumors about her husband.

“I was hurt by Robyn,” said Candiace to BOSSIP ahead of BravoCon. “I expect nothing less from neck rolls [Gizelle].”


“The fact that they made a concerted effort to go behind a paywall to have that conversation when the calls are coming from inside the house; it’s almost as if you need to lay on a couch and discuss why you’re projecting,”

RHOP: Candiace Vs. Gizelle & Robyn

Source: Jai Lennard / Bravo

The “Fine Whine” songstress recently made headlines for clapping back at Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon for repeating rumors that her husband Chris Bassett had an illicit affair and paid a mistress to have an abortion.

Robyn in particular played into the chatter on a recent episode of the Reasonably Shady podcast.

“I know people are probably gonna try to say, ‘Oh, we need more proof.’ I’ve seen,” said Robyn. “I’ve seen enough to kinda know that something was done that wasn’t supposed to happen.”

After hearing what was said, Candiace called her castmates out in a scathing tweet.

According to Candiace, she meant exactly what she said because she finds the GEBs’ actions “irresponsible” considering that the “calls are coming from inside the house.”

“I was hurt by Robyn,” Candiace told BOSSIP’s Managing Editor Dani Canada. “[But] I expect nothing less from neck rolls [Gizelle]. It’s interesting because I really didn’t have to say anything at all because it’s such an egregiously irresponsible stance to take.”

She continued,

“I don’t know if we’re just dealing with people that are single income households, ‘We gotta really do what we can to make money, so hey, let’s go behind the paywall and say crazy things to make money!’

I’m calling it the Two Broke Girls podcast, because what are we doing? What are we doing?”

“I had a podcast and I didn’t need tot alk about my castmates,” Candiace added. “I didn’t need to snicker or laugh about my castmates, the fact that they made a concerted effort to go behind a paywall to have that conversation when the calls are coming from inside the house. It’s almost as if you need to lay on a couch and discuss why you’re projecting what’s happening in your space because that’s what it gave.

It was almost laughable and I almost laughed after I sent my tweet.”

She added that despite the rumors, her husband is “good” because he “has her” in his corner.

We’ve obviously seen better days but I always say, this show, the pandemic has shown us that we were meant to be together, we were meant for each other, and for some reason the devil is always trying to create a wedge and test us—and it just won’t work.”

"Real Housewives Of Potomac" Premiere Party

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That’s not all, however, hit the flip to see what Candiace thinks about fan criticism behind her tagline and her real thoughts about Robyn and Juan Dixon’s headline-making scandal.

2022 Soul Train Awards - Arrivals

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Candiace Dillard Talks #RHOP Taglines, Robyn Dixon/Juan Dixon Drama

When the #RHOP taglines were recently revealed, Candiace caught flack from fans who thought she was “set up” for failure by producers who “forced her” to sing a portion of hers.

According to Candiace, however, the decision to lay vocals to the words “when they go low, I just hit a high note”, was all hers.

The Deep Space songstress told BOSSIP that while recording new music in L.A., she connected with the “hit a high note” tagline sent to her by producers so she decided to record it twice, once while speaking and a second time while singing.


“To be funny, I said let me just try it singing,” recalled Candiace. “If you know me either from the show or in real life, I’m always singing so it just made sense and I when I sent it to our EP she died, she fell out!”

“Andy [Cohen] loved it, everybody loved it, it is appropriately unserious!” she added. “I wanted to give a sprinkle of unseriousness.”

She also weighed in on the other ladiess’ taglines, and Robyn Dixon’s in particular.

RHOP: Candiace Vs. Gizelle & Robyn

Source: Jai Lennard / Bravo

According to Candiace, she found the fellow #RHOP star’s tagline “I just took a DNA test and it turns out I 100% don’t care” to be odd considering previous headlines about her marriage.


As previously reported #RHOP watchers were shocked to hear that Robyn Dixon didn’t disclose that her husband Juan Dixon had “inappropriate communication” with another woman.

Robyn will be grilled about the scandal in season 8, but according to her tagline, she’s unbothered.

“I was very confused by Robyn’s [tagline],” said Candiace to BOSSIP.  “You don’t care that your husband is cheating on you? Is that a flex? I am confusion.”

“What I have always said with Robyn is, if she likes it, I love it. My issue was the reindeer games around discussing it, demanding so much of us as a cast while you hide your drama behind a paywall.”

Candiace also confirmed that the questions about Juan will play out throughout the season.

“It never stops, it never goes away. I almost feel bad for Robyn because she’s pummeled this season, but girl, just open your mouth and tell the truth. I don’t even know if this is clear but Robyn has always been this person who presented herself as someone who was very open and demanded that same openness of all of us.”


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