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RHOP: Candiace Vs. Gizelle & Robyn

Source: Jai Lennard / Bravo

A Real Housewife of Potomac was forced to face the music when her girlfriends grilled her about her husband’s actions and the ladies and (viewers) expressed that she might have her head in the clouds.

On Sunday, Robyn Dixon was the main character during #RHOP’s season 8 debut and she wasn’t happy about it. The wife of Juan Dixon was subjected to an intervention by her friends Gizelle Bryant, Charrisse Jackson Jordan, and Ashley Darby amid confirmation that Juan had “inappropriate communication” with a woman and paid for her hotel room after she “lost her wallet.”

The friends were especially concerned when weeks later, Juan was allegedly spotted at a laundromat and nail salon with someone else, later confirmed to be one of the assistant coaches at Coppin State University where he previously worked.

With that in mind, Robyn’s bestie Gizelle hosted an “open forum” for the ladies to talk to (and about) Robyn.

RHOP: Candiace Vs. Gizelle & Robyn

Source: Jai Lennard / Bravo

Gizelle Bryant Hosts Robyn Dixon Intervention At Her House

Near the end of the episode, Gizelle, Ashley, and Charrisse met up to chat with Robyn about the rumors surrounding her marriage and her true feelings about them. Ahead of her arrival, however, the three women who’ve all dealt with infidelity in their respective relationships wondered if Robyn was being “delusional.”

Social media wondered the same as well.

When Robyn joined the sit-down, Gizelle told her that they wanted to show her some “tough love” and have an open dialogue about the recent headlines.

According to the housewife however, her husband’s actions were innocent considering that the woman he was at the nail salon with was a female friend whom he’d worked with for three years, and the laundromat story was a “straight lie.”


“He’s not dumb enough to be anywhere in public being affectionate and physical with another woman,”said Robyn.

Gizelle then said it was wrong of Juan to not think about the optics when it comes to being seen out with another woman before Charrissee jumped in to ask Robyn about her personal happiness and joy. “Are you good?” asked Charrisse.

“My joy has been stolen because all of the s*** that has piled on, nonstop, every other day it’s a headline,” admitted Robyn.

“”But there is one person that’s at the center of it,” countered Gizelle.

“This is the thing, the world wants to tear us apart, and yes, my joy has been taken but it’s not Juan’s fault.”

“It kinda is,” responded her friend. “It’s Juan’s fault, Juan was at the nail salon, Juan was at the laundromat, Juan was at a hotel.”

Ultimately a defiant Robyn said she didn’t “give a f**k” before telling her friends that their intervention was a “cruel pile on.”

If you’re curious as to what Juan Dixon thinks about being at the center of the cheating rumors, he explained his side of the story on camera.

“It sounds weird, but it’s the truth,” said Juan about innocently paying for a woman’s hotel room.

“I know it sounds crazy but the reason I chose to believe it, is Juan wouldn’t make up something that stupid,” agreed Robyn.

“I’m not that good,” responed Juan who also expounded on being spotted at a nail salon with his “beautiful, attractive, coworker. “People gonna think what they want.”

What do YOU think about Robyn facing an intervention during the #RHOP season 8 premiere?




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