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A #RHOP newbie is the talk of the town after making her Bravo debut and she’s telling BOSSIP what fans can expect next.



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Nneka Ihim is the newest Real Housewife of Potomac and she came in unapologetically flexing her excellence as a successful lawyer with generational wealth and Nigerian roots. She’s also married to Dr. Ikenna Ihim and set up shop in the 20854 in a 6,000 sq foot mansion.


Amid discussing BravoCon, fellow Bravolebrities, and her hubby, she told BOSSIP that she’s experiencing a “different level of joy” seeing herself on TV and recalled her first impressions of the cast.

BravoCon 2023

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“When I heard that I might be [a housewife], I was like, “Okay, this is cool.” I’m in a new area, I’m in a new state, so I’m like, “Okay, this will allow me to meet the people I’m trying to meet and just get acclimated,” said Nneka. “I was excited. I was excited to show my life.

“My first impression was that everyone was nice,” she added. “Mostly everyone was nice because sometimes you just never know how someone’s going to receive you, and also with reality TV shows like this, sometimes there’s a whole bit of hazing that goes on, so I wasn’t sure how I’d be received.”

“I did not get hazed and I asked them about that later. I’m like, “Oh, y’all really accepted me very quickly”, and they’re like, “Girl, we were too tired to haze you, honey. Just come on in!'”


Hit the flip to see what Nneka has to say about that controversial moment when Ashley Darby “misrepresented” their conversation about Dr. Wendy.

Nneka Ihim Talks Ashley Darby’s “Misrepresentation” Of Her Dr. Wendy Osefo Comments, Denies Housewife Started The Tension Between Them

BravoCon 2023

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During episode one, Nneka’s friend Ashley Darby was seen telling Dr. Wendy Osefo that she and Nneka had a conversation about a controversial article surrounding her and an African caste system.


Source: Jai Lennard / Bravo

“There was this article about you being Osu or something,” said Ashley to the professor while recalling her conversation with Nneka.

A clip was then shown of Nneka casually explaining what the Osu term meant to Ashley before matter-of-factly stating, “I don’t know if she [Dr. Wendy] is [Osu], but I’m not.”

When Ashley recalled what was said to Dr. Wendy, she made it sound as though Nneka was being shady, and naturally, the housewife said she “expected more from a fellow Nigerian.”


Source: Jai Lennard / Bravo

Ashley later admitted that she misrepresented the conversation and blamed it on tequila, and Nnenka told BOSSIP that she felt vindicated by her friend’s confession.



“I did feel vindicated,” she told BOSSIP.  “And I also feel that people got a sense of my personality and who I am, and I feel like the authenticity of myself kind of came out in that moment.

It was kind of messy what she [Ashley] did. She switched up quite a bit, and said something that was completely untrue, but I’m glad that it was very clearly shown and cleared up.”

“Ashley is my friend, so she apologized even prior to what you guys saw,” she added. ” I think you guys will see some of those apologies and some of the actions that she takes to remedy it. But she has apologized. She didn’t understand the sensitivity, as expected. It’s a huge cultural difference.

“But she has apologized and I forgive, don’t always forget all the way, but I move on and I live off of the grace factor. Everyone deserves some grace.”

The attorney also denied that her friend’s pot-stirring caused the ongoing tension viewers will see between her and Dr. Wendy. Instead, Nneka said that there were other elements at play.


“I understand why people see that, I would say that Ashley is not the cause,” Nneka told BOSSIP. “There were some preexisting things, and I think Ashley’s messiness kind of exacerbated things from how they would’ve naturally been handled. She just kind of caused some explosions and flare-ups,” she added.


Those “elements” were seemingly uncovered during Sunday’s episode of #RHOP when Nneka had a sit down with Robyn Dixon and alleged that Dr. Wendy’s family had been “acting aggressive” towards her. In particular, she said that Dr. Wendy’s mom allegedly called her cousin-in-law and threatened to put a hex on her via a shrine.

That comment caused a commotion amongst #RHOP fans and she released a statement that said in part, “There is nothing to clean up when you’re telling the truth.”

We’ll apparently see the continuation of the drama between Nneka and Wendy when Ashley apologizes (again) for misconstruing her friend’s words.

Are you ready to see more Nneka Ihim on #RHOP?

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