Halle Berry Split Mended Already??? Workin’ It Out With Gabriel Aubry For Nahla’s Sake!

- By Bossip Staff

Halle Berry’s breakup with Gabriel Aubry may not be a permanent split after all. Pop the hood for details

After splitting earlier this year, Halle and Gabriel are reportedly giving things another try. Apparently Halle wasn’t feelin’ the custody fight that Gabe was ready to bring to her doorstep over Baby Nahla.

The couple split in April after nearly five years together, but Halle has decided to give her hunky baby daddy a second chance because she doesn’t want a bitter custody fight for their 2-year-old daughter, Nahla.

The pair is now in couples’ counseling, and she’s asked Aubry – a $1 million-a-year male model – to join her and Nahla in South Africa this summer while she films action-thriller Dark Tide. Not only will Gabe be able to care for their daughter while Halle works, but the couple will also have time to see if they can rekindle their romance.

“At first it was a practical decision for Halle,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER. “But things quickly heated up and got emotional. Now they’re back together and giving their love a second try.”

The estranged couple had been moving forward with a custody and financial agreement but ran into issues when Gabriel insisted on taking Nahla to his native Canada for the summer, says the source.

Rather than launch what would have been a nasty custody battle, Halle “began to rethink the split,” the source said.

At first, she invited Gabe to stay in the huge guest house she’s renting in South Africa so he could be with Nahla.

“She would have needed to hire a nanny anyway,” explained the source.

“Now they’re in counseling, and they’re putting their hearts and souls into working through their issues.”

Does this mean Halle is a “Springboard Beezo”?

It’s sweet that they have a kid they can blame it on, but they probably just missed that good swirled up lovin’.


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  • I'm Not Lying

    Good for them, haters, on your mark, get set GO!!!!!!!!!

  • screw you bosip!

    Guess this crappy site is back up huh?

  • CheckOutMyMelody


  • CheckOutMyMelody

    & wtf is a “Springboard Beezo”?

  • Manzi wa Mtaa

    YAY!!!! for swirl loving ’tis the way to go. I hope that their love works out for their own sake too, not just Nahla’s. and who knows they may make a little boy this time;-)

  • lisa

    AN INTERRACIAL friends MECCA —- S e e k I n t e r r a c i a l * C o m —- WHERE LOVE IS COLOR BLIND

    AN INTERRACIAL friends MECCA —- S e e k I n t e r r a c i a l * C o m —- WHERE LOVE IS COLOR BLIND

  • Mel B

    Halle is a bad chick, whatever she decides to do… I’m cool with it.

  • jia

    You just got this information off the TMZ website. I wish them the best but you all are so late.

  • pebblebeach

    Halle is just another mad woman with issues coming back to earth…must realise that she can’t bully the man…

  • zoriansmom

    That’s great news parents should try to stay together when children are involved. Nothing like having your real mother and father raising you.

  • Miss America

    I love them. I was so sad when they split but I’m happy again.

  • Denise

    Um…it is not a question of “real” vs. “fake” parents. The term is biological parents vs. adoptive parents. Adoptive parents are not fake, they are human beings and very real.

    But anyways, umm….I am a bit suspicious. Me thinks Halle wants another baby.

  • mag1

    maybe they just found out they could not live without each other and the baby was sad too.
    good for them! and boo to whoever can’t be happy for ANYONE who is mature enough to work on their problems and not run at the first sign od trouble!!!

  • Ciderkiss

    Aww, I’m soo happy they are giving it another chance! Nahla will be soo happy.

  • D

    Good for them, I like them as a couple.

  • Bruh Again

    If its genuine, I hope it works out for
    them, but while everyone is quick to
    want to blame Halle, did any of you stop
    to think that maybe Halle is feeling
    pressured or blackmailed into giving it
    another go with Gabriel to avoid a stress
    filled custody battle? I’ll bet he is not
    above using the child as leverage.

  • diane

    Good for them! I’m glad they’re giving their love another chance. They always seemed really devoted to each other and to the concept of family. I hope it works this time.

  • Pray ni%%a Pray

    She better get back with him because that white boy will win custody and get paid, her black crazy a s s is trapped!!!!

  • Moreaces

    Hope they can work it out. They seemed like a very private family.. Blessings to them.

  • TheRealDiane

    By the look of those jeans, I see why she reconciled. hehe

  • Marie

    She needs to marry that man ASAP!
    this is why you make a nest first before you start making babies..

  • http://www.swirlsociety.com www.swirlsociety.com

    rumour has it she split so she could be with realblackischocolate after hearing how good a black man and black love is but it wasnt all it was cracked up to be so she has come back to the light side…

    gotta love swirl action

  • michelle

    I hope they work out….get married…and have Nahla a brother or sister. Halle truly deserves it.

  • JodyP

    Wishing them all the best. It’s hard out here and if you have someone that is willing to work with you (your issues) and vice versa, you better work!

  • omen1078

    Break up to make up. LOL Halle is probably realizing what she lost, and is doing everything to get it back.

    In my experience, it never works out the second or third try though. They might get back together for awhile, but once people break up, it’s never the same, and the issues that broke you up in the first place come back.

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