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Tamar Braxton’s former friend and employee, Letroy, claims she owes him money for promoting her Love and War tour.

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Radar Online reports the shiznie hit the fan after Tamar posted a video to promote her Love and War tour on Thursday. The clip featured a video montage of her performances throughout the tour.

The 46-year-old captioned the clip, “I can’t wait to see you all my Tamartians friends! Tickets are on sale right now and are going fast! There are also some meet and greets left!”

Letroy took this as a slap in the face considering he replied to post, “Since this is YOUR tour, you need to pay your own camera people and editors to shoot and edit footage of you. You were sent notices to not use this footage, yet you did. You have no respect for anyone. Take this down, please.”

Love and Hip Hop’s Tommie Lee is probably somewhere giggling about the shade.

Tamar’s ex bff says the singer, “didn’t get rights from the film crew to use this. You drain everyone and everything.” He added, “Why do you think you can treat people however you want. Take my footage down now, respectfully.”

Letroy added, “I asked privately now I’m asking publicly, Please take down the footage I paid the camera crew to shoot and edit. You refused to reimburse me, and I offered. You can not continue to do whatever you want to people. I own this footage and edit.”


“The Boss” singer’s former employee claims it’s evident Tamar wasn’t responsible for the clip. He emphasized that it’s been a while since she posted videos of the same quality.

“And y’all know I had this created because when’s the last time yall seen something professional and put together like this from her?” Letroy asked.

He alleges their relationship hasn’t been in good standing for a while stating, “I’ve been beaten down for over a month straight publicly and privately and today just sent me OVER.”

The tour organizer then insinuated the “My Man” singer is a narcissist who gaslights him.

“I am about to lose my mind! I’ve been trying to be done with this for a month! I’d jump off the roof but then Tamar would say I did it to hurt her and that if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have a roof. And that I should apologize to her for jumping”, he said.

Letroy added, “She don’t care. We have fallen out before but THIS is the worst betrayal yet”

The disgruntled employee also referenced her friend James Wright Chanel, the singer Chrisean Rock reportedly punched backstage. As BOSSIP previously reported, the alleged backstage beatdown took place on November 10 in L.A. Letroy refused to remain silent and went public on IG Live since Tamar wouldn’t address the viral incident.

The youngest Braxton invited Chrisean to the concert, but the Baddies West star expected to perform. Subsequently, the misunderstanding angered the “Vibe” singer. Letroy claimed she took her frustrations out on James as he attempted to calm her.

Letroy tweeted on X, “Yall notice how she been so quiet about what happened to James? She mouth of the south any other time. She mad cuz I said something before her.”

Tamar eventually released a video explaining her side, but social media felt the former girl group member wasn’t sincere. Commenters noted she should have been less concerned about the alleged assaulter’s feelings.

The “Changed” singer hasn’t responded to Letroy’s accusations but instead posted a selfie showcasing her tataas.

If the friendship feels like “Love and War,” just wave your red flag and head on back home, ma’am.


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