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Tamar Braxton’s recently reconciled relationship with Jeremy “JR” Robinson is in the crosshairs once again after she took a shady shot at her online opp, Tommie Lee. The rapper reacted with receipts from her pillow-talking tryst with Tamar’s man during their breakup.

Tommie Lee x Tamar Braxton x Jeremy "JR" Robinson

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On Friday, Tamar confided in the crowd at her Love and War 10th Anniversary Tour in full “my man, my man, man!” mode. She reassured fans that JR came “All The Way Home” to her after breaking up and making up at lightning speed in the past month.


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“Y’all know this year has been giving a very up and down situation for me. So I feel like we one in the same,” she admitted. “We go through it, honey!”

Instead of focusing on the love, the baby Braxton clearly still wanted war with Tommie Lee.


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“That’s why I had to go get my man back, y’all. I know y’all are lying if you thought I would let my man go just because he took a cr**khead to a basketball game while we was broken up. No, ma’am! That was not my man,” she told the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida.

“He don’t owe me no loyalty when we broke up. I could’ve went out with his homeboy. What’s up? It’s all fair game when you broke up, b***c! Don’t get it f**ked up! That’s a good man, Savannah,” she continued.

Be careful with what you think is fair game, sis. Tommie isn’t the one to play with.


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“B***h! I’m still from Baltimore, don’t get it f**ked up!” She seemingly warned Tommie during the show.

Jeremy “JR” Robinson Takes Tamar Braxton’s Online Opp Out A Week After Their Split

The week after breaking off their engagement, JR rebounded with Tamar’s rival, Tommie. He asked her out to cozy up courtside at an Atlanta Hawks game, which the Love & Hip-Hop alum proudly posted on IG Stories for revenge.

The next week, the Queens Court couple reunited for some Thanksgiving block-spinning at the Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game. Fans begged Tay-Tay not to let messy “Massa” play in her face after doing her dirty, but she followed her heart. Tamar and JR took to social media to “take accountability” for their role in the relationship problems.


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JR admitted that he “purposely” hurt the Grammy winner by inviting Tommie out while he was “single.” They both glossed over the red flag because he claimed it had “nothing to do” with his relationship. Even die-hard Tamar’s supporters dragged her for taking the Nola Native back last week.

Whew, chile! The mess! And that’s not even the half of the drama.

No matter how happy Tamar is with JR again, she couldn’t let Tommie have the last word or the last laugh. After Toni’s little sis went low with the “cr**khead” comment, Tommie took it straight to hell.

Check out why the Tommie Lee vs. Tamar Braxton beef began and how Tommie Lee ended it with claims the singer’s man ate it like groceries after the flip!

How The Tommie Lee Vs. Tamar Braxton Beef Began Over Chrisean Rock

Soul Train Awards 2023 - Red Carpet

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The women got into it online when Tommie accused the singer of “clout-chasing” by inviting Chrisean Rock to join Tamar onstage on Nov. 11. What started with a cameo ended with Chrisean reportedly issuing a backstage beatdown to one of Tamar’s singers. Tommie seemed to support her Baddies West co-star by claiming she made the tour relevant and pushing Tamar’s “Muppet” button with an insult.

Tamar quickly clapped back, shading Tommie as an “out-of-work reality star” and “cokehead.”

If Tommie somehow was so beneath Tamar, then why is she getting a response at all? The “Changed” singer may be off reality TV these days, but they’re both giving Mona Scott Young a run for her money. Tamar clearly met her messy match.

Check out Tommie Lee putting Jeremy “JR” Robinson on blast in response to Tamar Braxton’s shade after the flip!

Tommie Lee Exposes Jeremy “JR” Robinson For Allegedly Trying To Sleep With The Enemy: “I Should’ve Recorded His Head In My A**! Now Go Kiss Him In The Mouth”

2023 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

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While JR was single in the streets as “fair game” at the time, Tommie linked up with him to get her lick back. Following Tamar’s onstage shade, the rapper took to social media to expose her man’s messy receipts and bragged that JR got another kind of lick, too, before kissing and making up with Tamar a few days later. “That n***a ate my a** and I sent him on his way,” she revealed.

Jesus, take the wheel! And take their phones while you’re at it.

Tommie took to Instagram Stories on Saturday with a raunchy recap about how JR is Tamar’s “real enemy.” Tommie clearly has a heart because even she implored Tamar to get some healing and “tighten up.” But first, story time!

The Tommie S**t star explained that JR was “thirsty” and offered to fly her out just because she complimented his suit in the DMs.

“He was down to play opp games. I wouldn’t take nothing serious like that, my love. That n***a ate my a** and I sent him on his way” Tommie said. “I knew that I could no longer play this game, so it was a one-night thing.”

Tommie revealed that JR allegedly said he kicked Tamar out to go back to her mother’s house, the tour isn’t really sold out, and “a lot of things that he shouldn’t tell a stranger.”

“Love, if that’s ‘your man’ as you say, then you need to check him! You need to check your situation and see if you’re sleeping with the enemy. I’m not your problem,” she continued.

“I tried to just let you eat my a** for the slaves, I don’t f**k pink d**k!” Tommie said, putting the real “enemy” on blast.

In the next post, she shared receipts of their DM exchange. Then she exposed a recording supposedly from JR dragging his ex at the time.

“Between you and I, it’s been a week since I said I didn’t want to be with her. She’s been trying to get with me ever since. She’s been trying to get with me every f**king day,” the recording said.

Tommie took pity on Tamar because “we’re two Black girls,” despite the drug use accusations that the bikini-clad baddie denies.

“Silly me, I should’ve recorded his head in my a**, but I try to keep the moment personal. He never f**ked me,” she clarified. “We’re two Black girls letting this, not going to say the race, play with us! Tighten up, my girl! I’m not your issue, that n***a’s your issue,” she said.

“Yeah, we had an issue. Yes, I’m going to play with you, but once I’ve seen the severity of the situation, I was like, ‘This is kind of f**ked up.'”

The LHHATL alum reiterated that she laughs about all this with her man, and he would never entertain Tamar as JR allegedly did with Tommie. After the sister-to-sister moment, Tommie got the last laugh, adding, “Now go kiss him in the mouth, h*e!”


Check out some of the hilarious reactions to Tommie’s receipts and fans Tamar’s “Colonel Sanders” significant other by the 11 herbs and spices swoop bang below.




Hopefully, after Tommie let the chopper sing about JR, everyone can move on, especially Tamar.

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