2024 Astrological Forecast: Horoscopes For The New Year

BOSSIP Horoscopes: Here’s What’s In The Stars For The Year Ahead, Your 2024 Astrological Forecast!

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For those of you who have held the faith for better times, and opportunities while putting in that work [shadow work, physical work, mental work] know that 2024 is all green lights for you! You will be reminded in big and small ways that joy is your birthright. Read that again! Joy will be your default energy for all 2024 long. And the key to this level of activation is simply standing in your power by being honest with yourself first and then others. You don’t have to be brash, abrupt, sneaky or cynical to get your point across and hold your boundaries – just stay centered in your personal truth. And keep it honest while accepting that you will have to disappoint some people.

RED FLAG: On another note if you haven’t really done the work to grow and change -or you’ve been shady AF to those who don’t deserve it — then 2024 will be forcing your hand -starting with the release of a tumultuous relationship that really hasn’t served your well being for a long time now.

SWEET SPOT: Your leveling up in 2024 will be surreal. Pay attention to who is clapping for you and who is sending nothing but [often silently LOUD] criticism.

POWER COLORS: Dusty rose and burnt orange.


POWER MANTRA: “I cocoon myself in pure joy no matter what is happening on the world stage.”

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