2024 Astrological Forecast: Horoscopes For The New Year

BOSSIP Horoscopes: Here’s What’s In The Stars For The Year Ahead, Your 2024 Astrological Forecast!

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To enjoy the beauty of a rose we must risk getting pricked by its thorns. And this is your 2024 in a nutshell fellow Taureans. You will have to stretch every inch of your being from the inside out to reach the gifts of 2024 – a soulmate on the horizon, a releasing of the burdens of others and learning to actively live as though your prayers [while still awaiting their arrival] have been answered. Like many others in this 8 year- rewards are given to those who take [in your case] calculated risk.

RED FLAG: What guilt are you carrying that doesn’t belong in your bosom? Your people pleasing phase can be completely demolished in 2024 but you’ve gotta become ok with losing “favor” of a lotta people – from colleagues to cousins. Chile.

SWEET SPOT: Ongoing health issues will finally be resolved this year. Make it your mission to find the proper healing and know that even if it seems out of your financial reach – it’s not. Just ask your ancestors to open the pathway for you.

POWER COLORS: Cream, forest green and watermelon.

POWER NUMBERS: 10, 7, 23

POWER MANTRA: “No risk, no reward. Positive change is mine!”

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