2024 Astrological Forecast: Horoscopes For The New Year

BOSSIP Horoscopes: Here’s What’s In The Stars For The Year Ahead, Your 2024 Astrological Forecast!

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2024 will affect Water and Earth signs the most. Many of you Cancers will have to find pleasure in the midst of pain and patience when rage wants to boil over. If you find that you have a hard time with emotional regulation then this will be the year that you want to cuddle up with a therapist and keep a tarot reader on deck. Perseverance during down times leads to sweet recovery and relief when all is upside again.

RED FLAG: You can no longer avoid doing your Shadow Work – if you’ve been tackling it head on since the Pandemic – you’ll be greatly rewarded with rapid ascension and positive outcomes in 2024. But if not…prepare for a year of frankly harsh lessons.

SWEET SPOT: On the upside I do see many Cancers moving into their dream homes in 2024 whether as an owner or renter – so cue up the abode of your choice on your vision board -because it’s happening. PS: Your words carry a lot of influence and power this year-choose them carefully.

POWER COLORS: Cinnamon, red and turquoise.

POWER NUMBERS: 6, 3, 12.

POWER MANTRA: “I will reach for the lesson in and overcome all obstacles in my path.”

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