2024 Astrological Forecast: Horoscopes For The New Year

BOSSIP Horoscopes: Here’s What’s In The Stars For The Year Ahead, Your 2024 Astrological Forecast!

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Elevation requires isolation. 2024 wants to hand all Geminis their highest destiny. Read that again. But the price for this level of “come up” is spending a lot of time alone — or more specifically with your own intuition, consciousness and Spirit Guides. It’s totally ok if you decide to be less social, or run off to a far flung land in order to energetically recalibrate. [10 DAY silent meditation retreat in India…???] All of it is in divine alignment even if it seems “weird” to outsiders. The first half of the year may find you finally getting rid of all “demons” and the second half teaching you how to follow your gut feeling no matter what and get closer to the Spirit World. Brace yourself for a bit of a dizzying ride but by the time 2025 comes along – you’ll be so glad and proud of all that you overcame.

RED FLAG: Expect some abrupt changes on the work front. If you get laid off or shuffled around- instead of panicking – ask yourself – what the hell do I really want to do with my life? And go do that for self and ultimately for income.

SWEET SPOT: This year you learn truly how to gain the “soft life” and drop all need for perfection. Also some of you may end up having babies by the end of the year.

POWER COLORS: White, red, black.

POWER NUMBERS: 333, 222, 555 (these are hella strong Angel Numbers!! Google up number + angel number meaning to find out more)

POWER MANTRA:Elevation requires isolation. This is my year to go deeply within.”

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