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Reesa Teesa's TikTok asset

Source: TikTok

Social media is OBSESSED with a deliciously messy 50-part “Who TF Did I Marry?” TikTok saga starring an Atlanta-area woman named @reesamteesa whose life spiraled into chaos after she married a “pathological liar” named “Legion.”

Over the past few days, hundreds of millions of people from around the world have tuned into TikToker ‘s viral tale of poor judgement, red flags, and deception that started when she married “Legion” during the pandemic only to find out that he lied about everything including his family, previous marriage, and career.

The videos included interludes, breakdowns, extensive details about the now-infamous man identified as “Legion” and shocking moments that sent the whole entire internet into a frenzy.

For those tardy to the party who want to catch up, check out our #WhoTFDidIMarry recap here.

Some of the highlights include “Legion” claiming to be a San Diego State University graduate and former Arena football player who worked as a regional manager at a condiment company.

“Legion” told Teesa that he was wealthy after investing money from his football career, some of which was stashed away in offshore accounts.

Since he was so “wealthy,” he paid Teesa’s rent and bills which she admitted was a relief and kept her around.

“Legion” would also speak about imaginary family members and pretended on the phone with his “brother” every morning.

Eventually, Reesa Teesa got her spouse’s social security number, ran a background check on him, and learned that he had never actually lived in California or attended San Diego State.

She also discovered that his previous employer was listed as a grocery store and that he was so “poor” he couldn’t afford to pay the fees for the divorce to his ex-wife.

The TikToker added that she spoke with the ex-wife who confirmed that the man was a pathological liar and warned her not to trust him.

What was your fave moment of the saga? Did you watch ALL 50 parts? Would you want to see this turned into a series/movie? Tell us down below and peep the hilarious reactions to the 50-part saga on the flip.

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