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After Charlamagne called the “Who TF Did I Marry?” series “big back behavior,” he offered a faux-pology for upsetting Reesa Teesa while still defending the comment.

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On Monday’s episode of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne addressed the controversy about his recent comments. He didn’t know about the viral story until new co-host Jess Hilarious introduced it and immediately asked if Reesa Teesa had a “big back.” Now, Charlamagne apologized “for disturbing her peace,” yet claims nothing was wrong with his statement.

Either completely apologize for the insult or “keep it on the playground,” sir.

Reesa Teesa, whose real name is Tereasa Johnson, became the target of scrutiny after revealing a whirlwind of scamming by her ex-husband. On the March 4 episode of The Tamron Hall Show, Reesa talked about the hurtful comments she received.

Although she took accountability in the TikToks for her part in allowing red flags to fly, many people blamed her looks. Some said a corporate vice president, like Legion allegedly claimed to be,  would never go for a woman like her. Reesa said the “big back” jokes hurt the most because they came from a “famous personality.”

As BOSSIP previously reported, Charlamagne attributed the #WhoTFDidIMarry? to “some of you big backs… being so thirsty for a man.”

“This woman believed all of this because she wanted to believe all of this. Big back belief isn’t like everybody else’s belief. She said it herself! ‘He said everything I wanted to hear.’ She wanted to believe whatever was coming out of his mouth because she wanted a man so bad,” he continued.

Check out how Charlamagne (semi)-apologized to Reesa Teesa for calling #WhoTFDidIMarry? “big back behavior” after the flip!

Charlemagne Apologizes To Reesa Teesa While Doubling Down About “Big Back Behavior”

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After several social media comments and a heated exchange between Jess Hilarious and TS Madison, Charlamagne apologized (kind of).

“The easiest way to keep your own peace is to not disturb the peace of others. I disturbed that woman’s peace and that wasn’t my intention. So I apologize if my words made her feel that way,” Charlamagne began.

“But, I do have two things to say. Number one, I never said that she don’t deserve love because of her size. I didn’t even know she was big. Jess told the story and I said, ‘it sounds like big back behavior. Then I started talking about big back belief.”

The radio veteran admitted the validity of calling him out for “reinforcing negative stereotypes of big backs.” Then he clarified that he wasn’t specifically discussing Reesa Teesa’s looks and size, just “big back belief,” in general. He also emphasized that “no one has to be that desperate because there is a man out there for you.”

Social media users Elle Murasaki and Dr. Raquel Martin put Lenard on blast for disrespecting this woman after claiming to advocate for mental health.

The half-apology wasn’t half-bad until Charlamagne added that Reesa should’ve saved the story for a therapist if she couldn’t handle negative responses. That’s not what “mental health advocate” means either.

“We have to stop brining this stuff to social media if you don’t want people to have an opinion about it,” he continued.

“She said she was already insecure about her weight, so why would you come to such a big, big, big platform thinking that you’re going to be off-limits?” Jess Hilarious chimed in.

By that logic, the right to drag public figures like Jess and Charlamagne about their personal lives is more important than their right to share. Some content creators did just that about the hosts’ romantic pasts.

TikTok user pablothedon put them on blast, asking if it was “big back behavior” when Charlemagne and DJ Envy’s wives took them back after years of cheating. They also echoed TS Madison dragging Jess about her own “desperate and thirsty” behavior over her ex, Country Wayne. Wayne even went on another show, begging her to leave him alone years after the breakup.


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That fauxpology didn’t quite curl over with a big “BUT” in the middle, but Reesa is moving on. On Monday, she told Good Morning America about finding her joy as a single woman. Legion’s alleged lies included booking a trip to London, one of Reesa’s childhood dreams. Now, the social media star is making that dream come true for herself.

Check out Reesa Teesa’s interview with Robin Roberts below.

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