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Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion asset

Source: Netflix

Social media is buzzing over the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion where Clay declared that AD was the love of his life (despite playing in her face at the altar) and that letting her go was a big mistake.

Naturally, AD got teary-eyed after being asked if she’d take Clay back and played coy by not directly answering the question. Hmmm, check out the clip below:

Whether AD is actually choosing herself and not spinning the block with Clay remains to be seen, but social media is convinced the block has already been SPUNT based on their body language and chemistry.

This comes after the audacity-filled finale where serially unserious Clay told AD that he wasn’t ready for marriage at the altar during their wedding.

Blinded by love, AD ignored all of Clay’s bright red flags while being authentic, which wasn’t enough for Clay who admitted to having unpacked issues stemming from his father’s chronic cheating on his mother.

Leading up to the not-very-shocking finale, we caught up with Clay who revealed why he chose not to marry AD at the altar.

“I thought a lot of things about the marriage, I felt like with the timeline there were a lot of these things in my head and I felt like the one thing that I knew for sure was that me and AD had an electric chemistry, however, I just didn’t feel as though it was the right time for us to be married.

“I thought that some holes in our relationship weren’t addressed. A lot of stuff that wasn’t aired on film, a lot of stuff that I didn’t say, because I did want to make sure that she was presented in the best light. I didn’t want to talk about these certain things on camera because I just didn’t think it really mattered in the grand scheme of things.

“I did want to continue dating her outside of the whole show because I thought we did really have a strong and electric dynamic, but AD, I think the wedding was a lot for her, with me saying no to her in front of her family, it was a little traumatic.  I’m definitely sympathetic to her not wanting to continue our relationship.”

Do you think Clay and AD are sneaky linking? Are you rooting for them to get it together? Tell us down below and peep the social media hysteria over the entertaining reunion on the flip.

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