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Doja Cat seemingly had a racial reckoning as she dragged fans who compared her natural hair to “pubes” on the cover of her upcoming single, “Masc.”

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We’re used to Doja’s quirky humor and relentless trolling online, but she showed a more serious side last week. The Scarlet singer addressed the disrespectful comments about featuring her bleached blonde tight curls on the cover of “Masc,” which drops April 5.

Doja clapped back at a “consistent pattern” of insulting her natural hair with a lot of racist stereotypes. ” The rapper was so “dead-a** serious” that she was “struggling deeply” with recording a video before asking fans to document it from her Instagram Live.

“My hair, to describe it, it’s 4C hair texture,” she began. “I’m seeing a pattern. I’m seeing a consistent pattern in my comments section of people saying is my hair pubic hair, is it carpet or is it sheep’s wool. And it’s not even questions … some people are being like, that’s what it is,” she said.

“People comparing my hair to sheep and pubes and carpet and s**t like that… We gotta move forward. Let’s move forward. Let’s grow,” she said, while showing her own progress.

Critics Blame Doja Cat’s Hair Backlash On Her History Of Rocking With Racists And Trolling Online

66th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Source: Gilbert Flores / Getty

Despite recently rocking a t-shirt featuring a “neo-Nazi” comedian, Doja Cat sounds fed up with the anti-Blackness. She shut down that “racial chat room” energy by turning off the comments for her album cover post.

Many critics quickly clocked that the hair hate is simply the fanbase she cultivated now taking out their bigoted BS on her like they do with other Black people. She seems conscious of this as she appears to resist explaining the oppressive history of mocking Black hair. Preaching that it’s inappropriate or controversial would only encourage her fellow trolls more.

“I can’t tell you what to do. I’m not your f**king parents. I don’t wanna say too much,” she said during her Live. “You guys got to get on that not comparing 4C texture to like… Pubic hair?” Really?!”

The 28-year-old doesn’t even mind the having haters, just the blatantly negrophobic negativity. Some continued to blame the backlash on the company she kept in the past, but it’s deeper than Doja. That’s why we needed the CROWN Act!

Many of the singer’s non-Black associates and exes may think those Black hair jokes are funny. However, let’s not pretend countless memes and insults about Blue Ivy’s hair as a baby didn’t also come from Black people. Unfortunately, anti-Blackness is all around us, and members of any race can perpetuate it.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day and Doja didn’t lie when she said it’s time to grow and move on. Hopefully, the unserious celeb breaking character to check those comments is a sign she’s doing the same.

Several of Doja Cat’s fans took the message to heart and celebrated the beauty of her natural hair.

Let’s all appreciate Doja Cat’s new growth!


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