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Over the weekend, J. Cole used Dreamville Festival to discuss his “7 Minute Drill” diss to Kendrick Lamar and called it the “lamest s** he ever did” while apologizing to his fellow rapper.

Kendrick Lamar’s “Like That” verse is still snatching souls weeks later despite him being missing in action since its release. Last week, J. Cole stepped into the ring and released “7 Minute Drill” alleging Kendrick’s entire career was overhyped, but on April 7, during the rapper’s Dreamville Festival, he apparently had a change of heart.

According to Variety, J. Cole shocked the crowd by issuing an apology to Kendrick during an impassioned speech.

“I’m so proud of [Might Delete Later], except for one part,” said Cole while referencing the surprise EP. “It’s one part of that sh*t that makes me feel like, man that’s the lamest sh*t I did in my f**kin’ life, right? And I know this is not what a lot of people want to hear.”


He then addressed rap fans wanting to “see blood” by having him and Drake beef with Kendrick before saying that his diss “disrupted his peace.”

“That sh*t don’t sit right with my spirit. That sh*t disrupts my f**kin’ peace,” said Cole.” So what I want to say right here tonight is in the midst of me doing that and in that sh*t, trying to find a little angle and downplay this n—a’s f**king catalog and his greatness, I want to say right now tonight, how many people think Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest motherf**ker’s to ever touch a f**kin’ microphone? Dreamville, y’all love Kendrick Lamar, correct? As do I.”

As if he didn’t already get his point across, he continued and even told Kendrick to take his best shot in response. This would become the focus of social media chatter well into the early morning hours.

“I just want to come up here and publicly be like, bruh, that was the lamest, goofiest sh*t. I say all that to say it made me feel like 10 years ago when I was moving incorrectly. And I pray that God will line me back up on my purpose and on my path, I pray that my n—a really didn’t feel no way and if he did, my n—a, I got my chin out. Take your best shot, I’ma take that sh*t on the chin boy, do what you do. All good. It’s love. And I pray that y’all will like, forgive a n—a for the misstep and I can get back to my true path. Because I ain’t gonna lie to y’all. The past two days felt terrible. It let me know how good I’ve been sleeping for the past 10 years.”

You have to respect Cole for being vulnerable and admitting he was a fish out of water on his diss track. One thing will cure all of the slander heading his way, and that’s great music. Hopefully, J. Cole can deliver and put this behind him in full.

You can watch his full speech from the Dreamville Festival below.


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