Megan Thee Stallion Covers 'Women's Health' Body Issue

Bawwwdy By Thee Stallion: Hot Girl Coach Megan Bares Her Bangin’ Body-Ody For ‘Women’s Health’

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One of our favorite things about this issue has to be Megan’s Women’s Health “Everything But The Sweat” video. In the video, Meg opens up about her preference for morning workouts saying:

“I definitely prefer to workout in the morning, because you are really that girl if you jump out [of] the bed and have working out on your mind. Like, if you start your day with sweating and squatting and punching and lifting and doing the ab workouts and stuff, you have no choice but to really tackle your day the same way.”

The Stallion also shares why she prefers wearing a two-piece set when it comes to workout gear:

“In general, I like to workout in things that make me feel sexy. Like, they make me feel confident and strong. When I’m in the gym and I’m looking at myself in the mirror doing my sets and my reps… Like, If I don’t look fine doing it, I’m like ‘Dang, OK girl, we need to reevaluate this.’ I need to be in the gym looking like an anime character. Like, I need to remind myself of a superhero….What I have on definitely motivates me to do better. Like, if I look good doing my sets, then I must be doing my sets good… I love me a good tight and a sports bra. Love me a good scrunch-butt tight. I love little booty shorts. Whatever makes my legs and my thighs look like they’re super-poppin’, ‘cause whe I’m doing the squats I like to see the muscles really coming through the tights. Like, that definition on the side of my thigh that makes me like I’ve really been putting in work. So yeah, anything that’s giving the legs the praise that they deserve.”

Do you enjoy working out in fitness fits or are any old tees and shorts just fine for breaking a sweat?

Megan also shares the songs that help her get motivated in her workout:

“The songs that help me get motivated in my workout is definitely a lot of Megan Thee Stallion songs. Of course, I workout to ‘Freak Nasty.’ The beat is just too fire, I’m really talkin’ that talk, and it allows me to get on the Stairmaster and really walk that walk. So I really highly suggest if ‘Freak Nasty’ is not on your gym playlist you go add it right now… The hotties that know me wouldn’t be surprised that ‘Ain’t it Fun’ by Paramore is on my workout playlist. ‘Cause I just fee; like I need to get in here and have the time of my life. I’m like jumping around the gym, and I’m pretty sure people are like ‘Whatever pre-workout she had, I want it!’”

What artists and songs are on your workout playlist?

In her Women’s Health “Everything But The Sweat” video, Megan also speaks about how she stays motivated to workout:

“I stay motivated because I know I wanna look as good as I feel on the inside. And I have to perform, I need my stamina up. So working out is not just about looking good, but I wanna have that endurance, I wanna have that stamina. ‘Cause when I go perform for the hotties and be squatting for an hour, I really need to give them a show.”

There’s so much truth to this. Workouts are great for mental health and physical stamina. Do you feel even more motivated watching Meg do her thing?

Workouts are super important but we love that Meg also shared what a typical rest and recovery day looks like for her.

“A typical rest day for me looks like watching anime and playing with all of my animals. On the recovery day I’m definitely getting a massage. I’m definitely pour a whole bag of Epsom salt in the tub, and turning on, you know, just some calm music, some good R&B, lightin’ up the candles, everybody don’t bother me, phone on DND. Yeah, and I just soak and chill.”

Epsom salts are definitely key! How do you guys spend your rest days?

In her Women’s Health “Everything But The Sweat” video, Megan also offers advice for any woman who is deciding she wants to get into health and wellness and fitness:

“Don’t do it because it’s trendy. Don’t do it because you feel like you wanna look like somebody else. Do it because you genuinely wanna feel good on the inside. Like, you genuinely wanna change something about yourself that you wanna change, not because you wanna compare yourself to other people. Do what makes you feel happy. Do what is gonna’ inspire you to feel better…Just be you, and do it for the right reasons.”

This might be one of our favorite Women’s Health cover spreads yet. What did you think?


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