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βÜT â‚©ÂÏT… THÄ’RÄ’’Š MØRÄ’??? Cam Newton sounds ready to go baby for baby with Nick Cannon because he wants even more after Jasmin Brown gave birth to his eighth child.

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Cam’s comedic queen Jasmin just became a first-time mom last month with the birth of their baby girl. On the other hand, Cam is true to this; he is not new to this, with seven previous progeny, and he’s already thinking about more. On Club Shay Shay, when asked about expanding his family, Cam didn’t hesitate to say he’s not done yet.

“I want more!” Cam declared to Shannon Sharpe’s shock.

Cue the “Come onnnnnn, Cam!” from Unc Shannon.”

“People saying, ‘You having all these kids.’ I take care of all my kids,” Newton said. “See, that’s the thing. I always wanted a big family. I come from that so I want that,” the Ä« ÄM īčøñīč ŁÎVÄ– tøÅ«r star said.

In addition to his desire for an even bigger family, Cam explained how he manages co-parenting with the three mothers of his children.

“I owe due diligence to each woman who [has] given me that, and I respect them the same. Do I have jurisdiction over who they talk to? No. But I owe a service to loving them unconditionally no matter what they do, and we have to co-parent together,” he revealed.

“It’s a respect. And we can’t allow our personal vendettas to get in between raising these children.”

Cam shares Cashmere, Camidas, Chosen, and Sovereign-Dior with his ex, Kia Proctor. He also claims Proctor’s daughter, Shakira, as his own. Former Miss Azerbaijan La Reina Shaw shares a son, Caesar, with Cam, and he claims her son, Jaylen, from a previous relationship.

Cam Newton Opened Up About Managing A Blended Family Of 12 With Jasmin Brown And His Exes

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Shannon pressed the bona fide family man about managing dynamics with his exes when they both wanted relationships before he moved on. It all goes back to the best-dressed baller’s background. Before his football fame, he said he dreamed of a big traditional family and the “white picket fence.”

“And did I want it to be this way? When I was 7, 12 years old, I wanted to have a family. I wanted to be married with a house and a picket fence and all that. That just wasn’t what my life panned out to be,” he said.

Despite criticisms about the multiple households, Cam is a dedicated father to every child in each one. He doesn’t “believe in step-children,” so his exes’ children with other men get the same treatment in his family. The former Panthers player cares more about giving children as much as possible than getting away with the bare minimum.

“I proudly say I have eight children. Six biologically through me. And I don’t believe in stepchildren. What my biological kids get, everybody gets. I don’t have no favorites. I’m raising kings and queens, and I have uncomfortable conversations with my children,” he continued.

That generous spirit extends to the youth in his athletic programs, whom he says need that transparent advice and firm leadership. Cam strives to lead the next generations to have as much discipline and performance in academics and their personal lives as he’s demonstrated on the field.

“We all in the public eye try to keep personal, personal. But I want to be an example for people, that I never proclaimed to be perfect. Learn from me! We can talk about everything!” he offered, after an iconic journey to the top of the NFL.

“I’ve been that guy for a long time! I had a lot of temptation. I had a lot of mess-ups along the way. too. That’s why I’m relatable to these kids, my kids or anybody else’s.”

It sounds like a lot of parents could learn something from Cam as much as their children.

Check out Cam Newton’s full interview with Shannon Sharpe on Club Shay Shay below.


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