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Cam Newton swooped in to defend his girlfriend, Jasmin Brown a.k.a. WatchJazzy, after detractors made comments once again, about their relationship.

148th Kentucky Derby

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The multi-hyphenate posted a video on Instagram of a recent standup routine she performed at The Improv. In the clip, she jokes about being a stepmom to her boyfriend’s seven children, groaning over the younger kids asking to sleep in bed with them when she’s trying to do some other activities with her man.

In the comments, some of Jazzy’s followers took issue with her dating a man with so many kids, especially since she has none herself. Plus, the fact that she’s acting as a stepmother when she and Cam aren’t married rubbed fans the wrong way.

“I don’t get it 7 kids and you have 0,” one follower commented. “Umm no.”

Newton took to the comments to reply to this statement in particular, insisting that if someone is worth it, you’ll do anything for them.

“WÄ“Å‚p thátš whÿ Ä« áÄ«ñt wÄ«t ÿøū‼️🤷🏾‍♂️łøÅ‚ Ä«tš Ł£V£Åš tø thÄ«š QÜ££Ñ… ÄÑD ÎF §ØM£ØÑ£ Χ â‚©ØRTH ÎT; ÿø ášš wøÅ«Å‚d dø áÅ‚øt øf thÄ«ñgš ÿøÅ« ØÑÄŒ£ šáÄ«d ÿøÅ« wøÅ«Å‚dñt dø⚠️,” he wrote. “Ä« høpÄ“ ÿøÅ« fÄ«ñd šømÄ“øñÄ“ thøÅ«gh… Î â‚©ØÜŁD HÄT£ FØR ÄÑ¥ØÑ£ TØ GØ THRØÜGH ŁÎF£ ÄŁØѣ🐸☕️‼️ Ä« wøÅ«Å‚d hátÄ“ Ä«t thÄ“rÄ“…😫łøÅ‚



Cam Newton has proudly spoken on being a father of seven. He shares Cashmere, Camidas, Chosen, and Sovereign-Dior with his ex Kia Proctor as well as Proctor’s daughter, Shakira, whom he claims as his own. He also shares his son Caesar with former Miss Azerbaijan, La Reina Shaw, and Shaw’s son Jaylen from a previous relationship.


This isn’t the first time Brown has come under fire for her relationship with the quarterback. Last year, Jazzy caught some backlash for talking about being a submissive woman in her relationship with Cam.

At the time, a lot of folks were upset that she was submitting to someone who hadn’t even given her a ring, especially because of Newton’s loud history of degrading women who can’t cook in the headlines. Cam also came to Jazzy’s defense at that time, putting down other women who don’t want to do the same for their man because they want to be independent.

Whatever the case, despite public criticism, it seems like these two are a match made in HÄ’ÅVÄ’Ñ.


148th Kentucky Derby

Source: Gunnar Word / Getty


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